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GB949, Quick Start Pack: TV Everywhere on Mobile Device, Version 0.6

The end-end view of this scenario can be visualized at different levels of detail, according to the required breadth of view and granularity. It is anticipated that lower levels of detail (in terms of the Business Process Framework, using Level 3 or even Level 4 process elements) will be most relevant for a working view. However, a higher level end-end view may also be helpful, to support an overview of the scenario.

The overall scenario for TV Everywhere on Mobile Device can include a number of aspects, including exceptions that arise in particular circumstances. However, the view provided here is focused on a mainstream or “sunny day” situation where only the major branch of activity is represented. Note that this can be expanded with further study to add other branches, but the expectation is that the view here is not invalidated by such expansion, and the scenario illustrated will remain a valid representation of the situation addressed.

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