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GB960, Quick Start Pack for Cloud: Trouble to Resolve, Version 0.3

In terms of the Business Process Framework (eTOM), the scope of this Quick Start Pack is the set of level 3 processes in the Assurance vertical that are related to Problem / Trouble Management in the context of cloud services (as opposed to Quality or Performance Management):

  • Customer Interface Management within Customer Relationship Management
  • Problem Handling within Customer Relationship Management 
  • Service Problem Management within Service Management & Operations 
  • Resource Trouble Management within Resource Management & Operations
  • S/P Problem Reporting & Management within Supplier/Partner
  • S/P Interface Management within Supplier/Partner.

Based on GB957 this QSP assesses the process flows for trouble-to-resource in a cloud context and lists cloud specific requirements per process element.

Future versions of this Quick Start Pack will address detailed mappings from these processes to Information Framework (SID) entities, Application Framework (TAM) capabilities, and Business Services.

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