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GB963, Cloud SLA Application Note, Version 1.2

This application note is intended for Enterprise Cloud Service Providers desiring to offer a commercially credible SLA based on ECLC “Enterprise-Grade External Compute IaaS v1.0”, and for an Enterprise Customer seeking enterprise-grade SLAs.

There are consistent reasonable expectations of both Customer and Provider. This document delineates those expectations, where they are interesting or unique to Cloud.

This document is primarily focused on Enterprise Grade, but offers one case study with an Enterprise Provider and a Consumer-grade Cloud Consumer (Scenario 1). Differences between Cloud and ‘traditional’ ‘pre-‘ or ‘non-‘ Cloud services are not exhaustively listed. The ‘new and different’ elements for Cloud in Enterprise IaaS are the primary focus of this document; the KQIs identified from the ECLC guidance are at least implicit in the structure of any Cloud Service.

This document deeply examines the relationships between the Cloud Actors, through Case Studies. As a result, this document also provides guidance to Cloud Brokers and other supplier partners with whom Cloud Service Providers will partner in order to offer Cloud Services for Enterprise Customers by:

  • suggesting examples of enterprise KPIs for each in the context of several use cases
  • suggesting examples of standard enterprise measures and references for their design
  • identifying further work needed to complete the full scope of the ECLC vision.

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