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Customer Experience Summit

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Capitalizing on your Most Valuable Asset
November 10-11, 2010

It’s a fact. Your customer’s experience directly affects your bottom line. Whether the experience is in person, over the phone or while using your services, today, how the customer rates their experience can directly impact your brand reputation; loyalty and - ultimately - profitability.

Led by industry experts, this two-day conference summit showcases success stories from operators the world over, examining every aspect of effective management of the customer experience.

Hot topics include:
  • The role of data analytics in customer experience – measuring, monitoring and delivering a superior customer experience.
  • Billing and preventative revenue assurance: reducing confusion and mistakes in billing with intelligent revenue assurance solutions.
  • Customer experience dashboards, threat detection and mitigation, customer care service assurance, and more!
Agenda Key
Cable SessionsCable SessionsDefense SessionsDefense Sessions
Revenue Management SessionsRevenue Management SessionsAnalyticsAnalytics
AnalyticsWednesday November 10, 2010 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Chair: Eric Marotta, Smarter Commerce Product Manager, IBM Corporation
Enhancing Customer Experience with Analytics: Maximizing Customer ValueThe combination of high capacity access and increasing online transaction volumes is generating enormous amount of customer data. This data, when used with right analytics can generate deep insights into customer preferences and experience enabling service providers to maximize the revenue and profitability per customer. This presentation focuses on analytics impact on customer experience from the connectivity through to profitability. • Explore how to monetize the deep understanding of customer experience using analytics • Hear insights into the entire value chain from connectivity to monetization
Sanjay Mewada, Vice-President, Strategy, NetCracker Technology
Superior Customer Experience Dashboard at Qtel QatarQtel Qatar, the mother company of the Qtel Group that operates in 17 countries and is the incumbent telecom services provider in Qatar. Customer Experience is a strategic priority for Qtel moving from a monopoly to competition in telecom and ICT services. The Customer Experience Dashboard improved organizational performance against global benchmarks. It also contributed to organizational culture change towards customer focus. Customer Experience is everyone's focus as it has a direct affect on revenue and customer retention. This presentation will It shows how key KPIs can improve internal focus towards customer experience and provide a new tool that can be adopted in any telecom operation for enhancement of customer experience.
Yasir Nainar, Strategy Specialist, Ooredoo Q.S.C.
Ibrahim Gebril Mohamed, Senior Director, Strategic Planning, Ooredoo Q.S.C.
Defense SessionsThreat Detection and Mitigation
As part of the effort to assure network service reliability, AT&T analyzes Internet traffic behavior for leading indicators of network attack activity and tracks the behavior of malicious activities such as botnets. The presentation will outline some of the unique analysis techniques in use and will discuss some recent examples of network security events and trends. Techniques that can be used to help identify and control these threats will be included in the discussion.
Brian Rexroad, DMTS - Security Architect, AT&T Inc.

Managing the Customer- Quality of ExperienceWednesday November 10, 2010 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Chair: Christopher Cullan, Product Marketing Manager, InfoVista
Making the Elephant Dance: Growing Customer Experience at Tata CommunicationsThis session will provide a service provider’s perspective of how it has innovatively managed the business and cultural transformation using customer experience management as one of the key drivers across distinct business lines over 80 countries of global presence. It will discuss why applying the Voice of the Customer & other experience inputs using eTOM & ITIL frameworks at an organizational structure level is essential for an enhanced Customer Experience as well as provide independent third party CSAT scores, benchmarking results & customer accolades.
Paul Kirwan, Vice President Service Management, Tata Communications Ltd
Leveraging IT to Win Customer's HeartsMany organizations undervalue customer care and the contact centers they operate -- a tragic mistake. Don't underinvest in customer care; loyal customers improve the bottom line. Digicel Group consistently achieves high customer satisfaction ratings in all markets where it operates its mobile networks. Discover how aggressive and strategic IT investments in the areas of customer experience, service quality management, and customer care have contributed to high loyalty, low churn, and consistent profits.
Rick Lievano, Director, Technology Strategy, Microsoft Corporation
Customer Care Service Assurance: Challenges and OpportunitiesService assurance from a Customer Care perspective plays a key role in the success of IP based consumer services such as VoIP, Video, and high speed Internet Access. This paper discusses the elements of a highly automated customer care assurance architecture enabling cost reduction as well as increasing customer satisfaction by promoting proactive assurance and customer self service resulting in operational efficiency. • Learn what major operational issues are and how to develop the right architecture to resolve them • Discuss real world experience of a large service provider
Al Hooshiari, Lead Member Technical Staff, AT&T Inc.

Billing & Preventive Revenue AssuranceWednesday November 10, 2010 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Chair: Kathy Romano, Executive Director, Verizon Communications
Revenue Management SessionsPreventive Revenue Assurance: Governance, Metrics and Tools
Typically, Revenue Assurance has focused on identifying and recovering leakage and then on correction of the root cause of the identified leakage. In Verizon's Retail Unit, the Revenue Assurance team focuses on preventing a customer from ever getting an incorrect bill. This presentation will explore the differences in the Governance processes, KPIs (metrics) and Tools required to support a preventive approach of this type.
Kathy Romano, Executive Director, Verizon Communications
Revenue Management SessionsBilling Goals Regardless of Current Capabilities
Proactive billing and revenue assurance controls are a must but new technology is not always funded. Regardless of the availability of new technologies and funding, a quality billing experience can be achieved by aligning people, processes and existing tools to overarching goals.
Alice Harris, Director, Billing Services, CenturyLink
Transforming the Customer ExperienceTransforming the Customer Experience AT&T is committed to deliver an exceptional customer billing experience. This session will explore the process AT&T has undergone to transform its billing experience by focusing on end-to-end process improvements, systems integration and online opportunities. • Why Customer Satisfaction is critical to the bottom line • Understanding the end-to-end customer experience and defining key touch points for improvement • Integrating systems, process, and media to deliver the best experience • Building new capabilities for future needs
Lois Kraus, Executive Director Business Billing Solutions, AT&T Inc.

Intensive 1: Contact CentersThursday November 11, 2010 9:00 am - 10:15 am
25 Cost Reduction Opportunities for your Contact CenterIf cost reduction or revenue-to-contact improvement are on your agenda, you’re in good company. Funding is harder to come by for new projects, ROI is required in half the past expectations and existing budgets are getting slashed to meet business mandates. Now, facing an uncertain economy, an important step to realize the greatest return on the initial technology investment is to optimize the contact center by analyzing your customer’s experience and your center’s performance. We’ll share experiences and situations to enable all to come away with a list of considerations to balance the common key business imperative to reduce costs while simultaneously improving relationships with existing customers, and providing additional services to attract new ones. No matter where your contact center is at in the technology evolution, we’ll discuss and develop suggestions of areas that require minimal or no initial capital expenditure outlay to realize or plan for future.
Robert Lamb, Director - Contact Center Services, AT&T Inc.

Intensive 2: Real-Time BillingThursday November 11, 2010 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Revenue Management SessionsWill Real-Time Rating and Charging Ever Be Real?
In the era of instant information, twitter, and 24 hour news channels – subscribers should expect the same visibility and access to information about their spending on communications services as they do on their credit card or iTunes account. Traditional billing relationships have led to bill shock and customer churn. The industry must shift to real-time financial relationships with all subscribers to drive a compelling customer experience thru informed, dynamic relationships. But the mobile data avalanche is rapidly diluting profitability. To reap profits from the mobile data explosion, operators should transition to real-time charging and policy systems that predictably process more transactions at a dramatically lower operational cost. This intensive, interactive session will include: • A hands on exercise around the value of calculating and tracking Cost Per Transaction (CPT) • Group case studies where groups will be challenged to analyze if and how real-time can improve the customer experience and present their findings • A lively on-the-fly panel discussion/debate between attendees of the audience on the challenges faced in implementing cost effective real-time solutions
Dave Labuda, Founder & CEO, MATRIXX Software
Shree Kodavatiganti, Billing Practice Lead, Infosys Ltd.
TM Forum reserves the right to make changes to the conference agenda without prior notification.
Please refer to the web site for the most up to date information.