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Frameworx Overview New

Establish your Frameworx foundation – the go-to standard for reducing cost, risk and time-to-market. The course takes you on a 360 degree tour of the Frameworx core components and how they help to develop a fail proof structure to your service-oriented architecture. Discover the role of Frameworx Conformance and how it can help your business.

  On-site Standard OnlineOnline

Frameworx Fundamentals

Take this group of 4 courses to get all the fundamental knowledge you need to understand and implement the Frameworx suite of standards and best practices.


Application Framework Fundamentals New

This new course guides the participant through the concepts and principles, structure and application of the Application Framework. The course explores the relationship with other TM Forum Frameworx and how it is being developed and provides some practical experience of the use of the framework that can be applied in day to day work.


Generalidades de Frameworx del TM Forum

Frameworx es el único estándar verdadero en la industria para el desarrollo y despliegue de Sistemas de Operaciones/Soporte Empresarial que son flexibles, fáciles de integrar y de manejar a todo lo largo de su ciclo de vida.

  On-site Standard

Business Process Framework Fundamentals New

Expand your Frameworx foundation: learn a common business-led approach to rationalize the processes that run your business. Go home with clear direction on how TM Forum’s Business Process Framework can be used to support a range of business activities to deliver maximum efficiency.

  On-site Standard OnlineOnline

Business Process Framework (eTOM) Practitioners

Implement and use the Business Process Framework (eTOM) to deploy business improvement projects more effectively

 On-site Standard

Business Process Framework (eTOM)-ITIL Workshop

If you have learned about both the Business Process Framework (Etom) and ITIL now you need to see how to bridge the concepts in each. This course empowers participants to simultaneously apply the principles of the knowledge they have from both the ITIL and Frameworx universes

On-site Standard

Taller de Implantadores del Marco Referencial de Procesos del Negocio (eTOM)

Este taller está diseñado como un curso de «continuación» para quienes han completado los cursos introductorios a frameworx y desean desarrollar su conocimiento sobre cómo puede utilizarse el Marco Referencial (eTOM).

  On-site Standard

Information Framework Fundamentals New

Build your Frameworx foundation: Learn to implement a common information model covering every aspect of your business. This course helps you reach implementation stage quickly by taking the guess work out of creating a common information model. We'll show you how to take the thousands of words and concepts related to managing a business and create a common and simple way to define and communicate them.

  On-site Standard OnlineOnline

Information Framework (SID) Practitioners

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the Information Framework into your architecture, and this is the class to help you do it. The Information Framework Practitioners course offers theory and practice on the use of the Information Framework (SID), including how to extend and implement it by applying modeling patterns and extension guidelines.

  On-site Standard

Marco Referencial de Información (SID)

El Marco Referencial de Información (SID) es un marco que constituye una piedra angular, ya que provee las herramientas y el lenguaje para modelar información corporativa desde el más alto nivel hasta la inclusión en soluciones de software.

  On-site Standard

Marco Referencial de Procesos del Negocio (eTOM) Destilado

El Marco de Procesos de Negocio (eTOM) está en el corazón mismo de Frameworx. Este Marco Referencial provee una visión extensa, acordada por la industria y multicapa de los procesos de negocio claves que un proveedor de servicios requiere para operar su empresa.

  On-site Standard

Frameworx Based Procurement Support New

This course will help service providers and suppliers alike to reduce the cost, timeline and risk of procurement activities by showing how to use standard Frameworx-based procurement templates to express and respond to solution requirements.


Revenue Assurance Distilled

This one day introductory course provides an overview of Revenue Assurance, how to apply relevant business processes flows to revenue assurance activities and protect revenue streams.

  On-site Standard

Revenue Assurance Practitioner's Workshop

This two-day, intermediate course provides a practical, hands-on introduction to the recommended tools and techniques for combating revenue assurance issues at each stage of the revenue assurance lifecycle.

  On-site Standard

Now Generation Billing Overview

Using the Business Process Framework (eTOM) as a reference tool, this course provides a complete understanding of the environment that will support and enable converged business capabilities, digital products and services. It provides a roadmap, insights, examples, approaches and tools to understand the issues underpinning a next generation billing and charging strategy.


Customer Experience Management Distilled

Discover how to use the Business Process Framework to add structured and measurable approaches to your customer experience management program.

  On-site Standard OnlineOnline

Customer Experience Management Practitioners Workshop

Learn customer experience management best practices for how to evaluate a business case and set success factors, scope your project, measure improvement, and tackle organizational challenges

  On-site Standard

Cloud Essentials

This fast paced course gives you the essential business and technical perspectives of cloud computing, focusing on common terms and definitions; business benefits; types of clouds including techniques, methods, and challenges for use of each; impacts and changes cloud computing has on IT service management; and typical steps that lead to the successful adoption of cloud computing.

On-site Standard OnlineOnline

Virtualization and Cloud Awareness

This course provides a 4-hour, interactive, online learning experience is ideal for those who require a basic understanding of the virtualization and cloud computing concepts in a time-efficient manner.


Virtualization Essentials

Arm yourself with the essential business and technical perspectives on how to approach, measure and manage virtualization for service and infrastructure delivery.

On-siteStandard OnlineOnline

Cloud Challenge Business Simulation

This business simulation is a 2-hour online, single-player serious game. Players will experience the business changes caused by cloud computing and virtualization


Frameworx Based Procurement Information Videos

Issuing or responding to RFx's the Frameworx way. This set of information videos has been created to help service providers and suppliers reduce cost, timelines and risk related to procurement activities by showing how standard Frameworx-based procurement templates can be used to express and respond to solution requirements.


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