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Training General FAQs


General FAQs

Certification FAQS
Frameworx Overview Online FAQs

Q. How can you tackle your current projects without devoting huge amounts of time and resources?

With TM Forum Training, your team can benefit from the thousands of man-hours, devoted across several years which led to the development of TM Forum Frameworx. A range of backgrounds and skills from across the industry have come together to develop a set of standards that are tried and tested. Consequently, anyone using these standards has all of that effort behind them, and therefore there is no need to start any project from first principles. The first time that Frameworx is used to address any project, the cost of the training in terms of time and money will instantly be recouped.

Q. What can Frameworx do for you?

TM Forum’s Frameworx is a comprehensive suite of standards that enables a service provider’s business to run with maximum agility, simplicity and efficiency. Frameworx provides the blueprint for effective operations, enabling service providers to assess and improve business performance by using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration.

  • With TM Forum Training you can:
    • rapidly drive down operational costs through industry-proven business process optimization techniques
    • streamline software development by enabling unprecedented reuse and risk reduction
    • sharply reduce full lifecycle systems costs through standardization of interfaces
    • revolutionize procurement processes through creation of a common language
    • dramatically improve time to market for new services by enabling step-by-step implementation of service-oriented enterprise architectural concepts.

Q. Who is already making use of these standards and best practices?

There are over 150 case studies on how Frameworx has been used for success by service providers, systems integrators, software developers and the entire value chain. Developed in TM Forum’s Collaboration Community, Frameworx is the result of continuous collaboration by the Forum’s member companies, who represent more than 90% of the world’s communications subscribers. Frameworx is driven by service provider requirements, constantly adapting and evolving with business needs.
Read our Frameworx brochure for more information.

Q. Why should my staff take TM Forum Training courses?

  • With TM Forum Training you can:
    • We have been delivering training since 2004, and our goal is to provide the industry with independent education and certification on Frameworx and related topics.
    • In 2010 we delivered over 5,000 training days in languages including English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Hebrew.
    • Experienced & qualified Frameworx staff are more in demand than ever before.
    • Learn all you need to know to implement and fully utilize TM Forum's easy to integrate standards.
    • Become the champion of your company's projects with the most up-to-date knowledge (on-site training is available for your whole team).
    • Prepare for Certification.

Q. Who are the Trainers?

We are committed to maintain the quality of the content and delivery of our training programs, so we put all our trainers through a rigid selection process. We mandate that all trainers are practicing experts in the area in which they train, and that they participate in the TM Forum working teams so that the most up-to-date information can be brought to course attendees. Our trainers nominated for specific courses are considered by the TM Forum to be experts in those subjects, and suitably qualified to teach them.

Q. What is Certification?

In parallel with the Training program we operate a set of Certification exams for Frameworx, the Business Process Framework and Information Framework, as well as for Revenue Assurance and Cloud. This not only assesses the level of knowledge attained by the candidates, but is a useful tool in ensuring a common understanding of the standard across departmental staff. Successful examinees join quite an elite band of TM Forum Certified Practitioners and can move on to attain Career Certification.

On a personal front, knowledge of Frameworx, how to use it and the relationship with other standards is demonstrable. From a Company perspective, having knowledgeable staff working on projects and using industry standard Frameworks to provide technical solutions to business problems means that industry best practices are being used by proven practitioners – in-house or externally.

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