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Business Benchmarking Studies

TM Forum’s Business Benchmarking Program enables you to:
  • Make sound investment decisions from accurate comparative data
  • Understand in depth how your business performs on key operational measures that affect your financials
  • Manage your revenue, margin, and customer experience in the face of mobile and broadband services growth
Our standardized Business Metrics—part of the Frameworx suite of standards—allow cross-industry comparison year-on-year, enabling you to plot trends. No other industry database contains the depth and breadth of data available in TM Forum’s Business Performance Metrics Database.

Business Performance Studies compare operational performance in these key areas:
  • Customer experience indicators for call center, fulfillment, and assurance
  • Operational efficiency indicators, such as process cost, time, and rework
  • Financial performance indicators, such as time from order to cash.
The study reports provide full statistics and results distributions, including average and industry leading and lagging statistics. Correlations analysis is used to gain insights and to identify interactions between performance areas.

TM Forum Benchmarking is conducted through a secure web-portal.

Access to the secure Benchmarking Database allows you to:
  • See metric results
  • View data from different periods/Filter on region, number of subscribers, etc.
  • Print results, develop correlations
Custom Studies can also be commissioned to address topics of interest to individual service providers or vendors.


Why Benchmark with TM Forum?

  • Price: Custom benchmarks regularly cost more than $100,000, for less data. TM Forum’s Business Benchmarking program is free to all service provider members
  • Industry Validity: No other database has as much data garnered from the industry and made freely and securely available to our service provider members for custom analyses
  • Cycle Time: Rapid turn-around time because we use standard, pre-defined metrics and have more than 26,000 data points from previous studies
  • Relevance: Service providers drive selection of the study metrics
  • Flexibility: Special studies can be created at the request of 5 or more service providers

Business Metrics Automation

TM Forum's Business Metrics Automation program works with software suppliers to incorporate TM Forum standard business metrics into products and solutions, enabling service providers to automatically upload metric data into the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Database rather than collating and entering that data manually.


Business Metrics Automation Certification

The TM Forum Business Metrics Automation Certification program delivers the next step toward real-time automated benchmarking by enabling software suppliers to gain an independent assessment of their product's conformance to the Business Metrics Automation requirements.

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