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Information Framework (SID)

The Information Framework (SID) is a component of Frameworx, the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation.

It provides standard definitions for all the information that flows through the enterprise and between service providers and their business partners.

All of Frameworx, including the Information Framework, is created and evolved by industry leaders and practitioners in TM Forum’s Collaboration Community.

What is the Information Framework?

The Information Framework (SID) provides a reference model and common vocabulary for all the information required to implement Business Process Framework (eTOM) processes. It reduces complexity in service and system integration, development and design by providing an off the shelf information model that can be quickly adopted by all parties.

Watch the Video

Click here for a 5 minute introduction

5 Things You Can Do With the Information Framework

  • Reduce integration costs by adopting standards-based information models and using them in applications and interfaces
  • Save hundreds of design hours by starting with a mature framework and 1500 entities developed and vetted by subject matter experts
  • Speed time to market by using well-understood integration interfaces based on the Information Framework, eliminating the need for data translation between systems
  • Avoid wasting precious development time on debates with your team, partners, or vendors by adopting a widely proven, industry accepted, rich and extensible information model
  • Mandate conformance to the Information Framework and save time and money during vendor evaluation and procurement

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