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TM Forum Integration Program

Integration Steering Team

Description and purpose:

The TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) is responsible for the TM Forum work on business services, interface specifications, related Reference Implementations (RIs), and Compliance Test Kits (CTK) in accordance with the Interface Strategy set out on (previous page).

The Integration Program is broken down into an over arching co-ordination team, (the TIP Steering Team) and a number of projects which address specific technical areas.

TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) structure is as follows:

Scope of the project:

The TM Forum Integration Program covers both intra-business (within a single service provider) and business-to-business (B-B) interfaces. With reference to the picture below, the focus has in the past been on Type 1, but it is possible to address Types 2, 3 and 4 based on TM Forum Board directives and member interest in addressing these areas.

The TM Forum Integration Program Steering Team concentrates on 3 main areas, namely:

  • Overall TM Forum Interface Program Co-ordination
  • Go-to Market aspects of the program to drive uptake and adoption
  • Organizing packaging and delivery of the interfaces
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Contact details
Team Leaders:
TIP Chairperson:

Stephen Fratini, Telcordia

Steering Team Leader:

Yishai Brown, Amdocs

Staff Support:

Tina O'Sullivan