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Interface Implementation Series

Policy Information Exchange (PIE) Interfaces Phase II, Release 1.0

With the goal of providing standardized interfaces to allow for exchange of policy information between domains, the TIP Team for PIE Interfaces has produced a Business Agreement that covers the business scenarios, requirements and use cases for the exchange of policy information on a very general level and with some practical examples. Exchange of Policy Information between different domains is addressed as well as the questions of synchronization, negotiation and event reporting.

The Business Agreement also touches the use of PIE for PBAC, spectrum control policy, CoS/QoS policy for MPLS VPNs, OSS service orchestration, Pricing rules exchange and more.

In addition to that, the very basic set of Interfaces (create, read, update, delete) for policy information has been modeled and the Information Agreement and Interface Implementation Specifications have been generated. The scope of the interfaces covers policy business objects as well as policy specification related objects to allow for the exchange of definitions of invariable properties in policies. The information model for the interfaces is strictly based on the Policy ABE in the Common Business Entities Domain of the Information Framework, with the addition of 3 new associations to allow for the mapping of policies to Products, Services and Resources.

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