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Management World Americas 2011

Keynote Perspectives

Mw Americas 2011 Keynotes
Keynote Perspectives  Speakers 

James Anderson
Group Head, SVP,
Mobile/Emerging Payments

MasterCard Worldwide
David Birch
David Birch
Consult Hyperion

Patrick Parodi
Vice President,
Ecosystem Development


Marc Keller
Global Director
of Digital Networks & Mobile,
Global Enterprise Payments


  Bhaskar Gorti
Senior Vice President &
General Manager,
Communications Global
Business Unit

David Haight
  David Haight
Vice President-Business Development, 
Emerging Devices,
Resale and Partnerships


Douglas Kilgour
Mobile Commerce Executive


Michael Matthews
Head of Strategy and Business Development

Nokia Siemens Networks

Bryan Sartin
Investigative Response


Andrew Feinberg
President & CEO,
Keynote Perspectives  Topics 

Which new services will drive revenue growth in the communications industry?
What is next on the horizon in the communications world?

Communications is sharing and connecting people, places and ideas. New services, new partnerships, new approaches hold the key but service providers are all in competition for the user’s wallet. Service providers must find an edge - but, can the traditional vertical business model support (or survive) the increasing demand for connectivity? How can the communications industry serve customer demand for data, devices and applications without compromising networks or revenue streams? Which new business models will stimulate innovation and competition in the communications industry?

Master of Ceremonies:

Tony Poulos
Market Strategist

Welcome Keynote: The Innovation Race - Fueling New Revenues

The bets are placed. The race is on. Who will be the winners in the race for growth? Which service providers have the necessary innovation and business agility to survive and thrive? What needs to change in your business to guarantee success?

This year’s Management World Americas explores the opportunities and challenges of delivering growth in today’s hyper-competitive, saturated market. How do you deliver more, with less? What does it take to deliver truly innovative, successful and profitable new services?

TM Forum’s CEO, Martin Creaner, introduces this year’s conference with and the challenges facing our industry in this welcome address.

Martin Creaner

Keynote: Fueling Growth through Partnerships

As the central nervous system of digital life, the communications industry is at the heart of the emerging cloud economy, connecting people, technology and commerce. The role of service providers is transforming from service provider to service enabler, with service providers adding value to innovative new services through partnerships across industry verticals.

As the world’s largest communications company by revenue, AT&T knows all about delivering growth. And as the pioneer of the game-changing Apple iPhone, David Haight is an expert in building successful partnerships. In this keynote address, Haight examines:
  • How important are device innovation and partnerships to future growth in communications?
  • How will wireless connectivity impact the range of new devices and applications?
  • Are carriers flexible enough to let devices own the customer relationship? 
  • Where will device development lead and what will the consumer/enterprise experience be like in the next 2, 5, 10 years?
David Haight

Keynote: Battling in the Innovation Race

In a market of continuous consolidation and fierce competition, the stakes for new entrants to the US communications industry couldn’t be higher. And with the physical limitations of 4G spectrum kicking in, the odds of success for new entrants are challenging at best.

But LightSquared – an innovative new service provider founded by some of the most experienced names in the industry – has a unique proposition and perspective. In this keynote address, Patrick Parodi of LightSquared examines:
  • What will be the role of this service provider in the future?
  • What services does/will it offer and how will they be monetized?
  • What needs to change to enable new services and their monetization, both within the company and in the industry as a whole?
  • What will the development of new business models mean for the future landscape of the US wireless industry?
In the news: Sprint confirms LightSquared LTE tie-up
Patrick Parodi
Vice President,
Ecosystem Development

Securing the Future: Overcoming the security and compliance struggles facing today’s communications enterprises

Cyber security is today a serious concern for governments, businesses and individuals alike, with the pressure to secure digital life close to that placed on physical security. But with several of the world’s largest organizations suffering embarrassing security breaches, the question becomes: who can you trust?

With some of the most trusted brands in the world, the stakes on service provide security are higher than ever, as they battle to maintain their reputation while embracing new business models that open up new threats. Yet this experience itself can be a valuable commodity, and one Verizon has become expert in delivering.

In this keynote address, Bryan Sartin, one of the industry’s foremost forensic examiners explores topics including:
  • What are the best methods of countering Identity related threats?
  • How can organizations protect themselves from becoming a target of opportunity?
  • How can it be that incidents are increasing and numbers of records compromised are decreasing?
  • Which poses the bigger danger — insider threats or partner companies?
Bryan Sartin
Director, Investigative Research

Keynote Panel Discussion: The Customer's Always Right? Delivering the Supply Chain for Success

Winning the innovation race requires business agility and efficiency, allowing today’s service providers to respond to market opportunities quickly and successfully. But in a world of complex legacy infrastructure and shrinking margins, service provider CIOs are placing new demands on their supply chain, causing a seismic shift in what they expect, and how it is delivered.

The panel will discuss and debate critical topics including:
  • What are the largest challenges facing the industry today?
  • How are CIOs needs changing, and how are suppliers responding to these changing demands?
  • What is the role of standards in today’s market, and why are they important?
  • Which supplier business models will prevail, when considering today’s options of managed services and cloud?


Bhaskar Gorti
Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Communications Global Business Unit,

Michael Matthews
Head of Strategy & Business Development

President & CEO

Keynote Panel Discussion: Driving Profitable Partnerships between Communications and Financial Services

Analysts predict that the value of mobile payment transactions in the US will reach $56 billion by 2015. So how can the communications industry secure its piece of the pie? Increasingly service providers realize that a cut of the transactions fees isn’t the only or viable way to profit from mobile payments. They need to re-evaluate their approach and explore new opportunities.

Drawing together experts from telecoms, financial services and third party payments enablers, this panel will explore some of the key revenue opportunities for mobile payments players in the Americas:
  • How can service providers partner and cooperate more effectively across the emerging value chain?
  • How are the different stakeholders reacting to a changing market?
  • Can the mobile money business models deployed so successfully in developing markets be applied to the US given large ethnic communities?
  • Are operators destined to be smart pipes or dumb pipes? And what are smart pipes?
  • Could payments, identity management, authentication become operator services?
In the news: Isis adds Visa, MasterCard and AmEx to mobile commerce network


James Anderson
Group Head, SVP, Mobile / Emerging Payments

Marc Keller
Global Director, Digital Networks & Mobile

Douglas Kilgour
Mobile Commerce Executive

David Birch

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