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Researchers estimate that the Latin American market will reach 130% mobile penetration by the end of 2015. The rapid adoption of mobile services and deregulation in Latin America is creating new challenges and opportunities for service providers. In order to compete effectively, ensure profitability and achieve differentiation, Latin American service providers need to optimize their infrastructures and processes, transform their businesses, adopt new business models, enhance the Customer Experience and develop new value-added services (VAS).

Bringing together leading service providers, market analysts and all of the big names from Latin America and beyond, this forward-looking, education-packed two-day Summit  maximizes every participant’s opportunity to network and generate ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Conference Agenda

This Summit brings together 250+ senior-level executives and professionals for two days of thought-provoking keynotes, interactive sessions, real-world case studies and panel discussions featuring major service providers and other key players (OTTs) from Latin America and beyond, as well as presentations that demonstrate how to use TM Forum Frameworx for business and operational transformation. The agenda focuses on:

  • Business Transformation, Innovation and Regulation
  • Driving Service Innovation
  • CEM, Loyalty, and Retention
  • Network, Systems and Process Optimization
  • LTE Deployment and Business Models
  • Leveraging Data – Big and Small
  • Developing profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships

Agenda Details

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Interview with TM Forum's Martin Creaner after the Latin America Summit 2012.

Who You Will Meet

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Increase your visibility at TM Forum's Latin America Summit by taking advantage of our enhanced sponsorship program, offering great rates for our members. Take advantage of several sponsorship opportunities to boost your brand awareness.

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