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Platinum Program

TM Forum’s Management World 2013 Platinum Program is an exclusive opportunity for suitably qualified senior executives to enhance their experience at Management World.

Platinum Program attendees have access to the entire Management World 2013 conference program plus exclusive executive sessions and networking opportunities. It’s a unique opportunity to connect and share knowledge with hundreds of top executives and includes:

  • Platinum Pass-holder Status (access all aspects of the event)
  • VIP Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 13
  • Executive Insights sessions – one to-one closed sessions with top executives
  • Mapping the Future workshops, aimed at tackling meaty issues affecting the industry. The sessions will be:
    • Making the open digital ecosystem a reality
    • Creating a vibrant enterprise class digital services market
  • Private briefing sessions with TM Forum executives

In addition, Platinum Program delegates receive personalized help and support to get the most from the conference including:

  • Personalized itinerary
  • Online personalized agenda building and meetings manager tools
  • A single point of contact for queries, information and assistance
  • Access to the exclusive Platinum Lounge
    • A quiet place to conduct informal meetings 
    • Concierge and business center services available 
    • All day refreshments, Wi-Fi and international newspapers
  • Reserved seating at the Management World 2013 Keynote Perspectives sessions

Sessions run on Wednesday, May 15, and include:

Improving Customer Experience throughout the Lifecycle with analytics

Gallieni 1 & 2 - Level 2
Wednesday, May 15 - 11 - 12.30pm
    Sponsored by:

    Chair: Rob Rich, Managing Director, TM Forum Insights, TM Forum

  • Marketing and campaign management: developing offers for a market of one
  • Delivering a better quality of experience using big data
  • Supporting and upselling customers throughout the lifecycle
  • Proactively retaining customers through analysis of their experience
Creating a vibrant connected enterprise services market - what will it take?

Gallieni 1&2 - Level 2
Wednesday, May 15 - 2 - 3.30pm
    Sponsored by:

    Chair: Keith Willetts, Chairman, TM Forum

  • What are the barriers to market uptake & how should they be overcome?
  • What are key differences between Corporate, SME and SOHO enterprise needs and what differences are needed in strategy
  • What is needed to deliver the required service quality, reliability, availability, security and customer experience?
  • What are the key steps the industry needs to take collaboratively to increase buyer confidence grow the market, and minimise common barriers?
  • Aggregating digital services into solutions - what is needed to deliver seamless solutions from multiple partners?
Making an open digital ecosystem work - what will it take?

Gallieni 1&2 - Level 2
Wednesday, May 15 - 4 - 5:30pm

    Chair: Nik Willetts, Chief Strategy Officer, TM Forum

  • Open markets vs walled gardens
  • Selecting, structuring and operating mutually successful partnerships
  • What do partners need to agree in order to deliver consistent service quality and a good customer experience across the ecosystem?
  • Innovating in a multi-partner ecosystem
  • Supporting partners with common enabling services across the ecosystem (e.g. identity management, security, apportioning revenue/ settlements; problem resolution etc.)

Register by April 30 to save more than 30%!

Mapping the Future sessions are aimed at tackling meaty issues affecting the industry; specifically focusing on those challenges that can only be overcome through collaboration among key industry players.

Each provocative and enjoyable session is moderated by a highly experienced industry moderator and their purpose is to develop realistic strategic roadmap for the topic.

Delegates will be asked to take part in a pre-conference survey to speed up the progress of each executive Mapping the Future session.

Sessions are designed to garner diverse opinions and insights, and the output feeds directly into TM Forum’s strategic planning.

Space at these sessions is very limited. Please contact Claire Ardley to see if you qualify and to reserve your space today.

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