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Register OnlineNavigating the Digital Storm

The digital storm is ripping through the industry, slashing profit margins and putting new pressures on available capital. New opportunities abound but to take advantage of them, you must rapidly change the way you run your business. Whether you’re focused on capturing your slice of the growing cloud and M2M markets through business and IT agility, innovation and partnering; expanding your market share through exploiting data analytics and delivering a great customer experience; or continuously improving your operational effectiveness, now is the time to think differently.

To help you and your company navigate the storm, TM Forum is bringing together more than 3,000 professionals with an appetite for change, for the industry' leading conference that sets the stage for future success. Eight conference Forums combine essential case studies, inspiring insights and new connections – paired with unique, industry-led, collaborative projects you won’t want to miss.

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Effective analytics are the key to realizing the true value of data. Whether you’re focused on driving customer loyalty, discovering new opportunities, reducing fraud or monetizing your data, uncovering the information you need isn’t easy. Even when you have it – what do you do with it? This Forum gives you practical tools and techniques to help you navigate the digital storm with effective big data analytics, exploring the business, regulatory, legal, cultural and technical issues, including:

  • How to develop and implement data analytics in your business and across partnerships successfully
  • Practical applications for big data analytics including customer experience, product development, fraud management, real-time marketing and advertising
  • Combining data and policy management to improve customer experience
  • Understanding and complying with local data privacy regulation and legislation, and security issues.
  • How big data can help refine and improve your internal processes
  • TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics program and how it can help

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In today’s digital world, customers are more informed and empowered than ever. One bad customer experience can do real damage to your bottom line. So how do you maximize customer loyalty, and proactively deliver brand-building customer experience across your business? How do you manage customer experience of digital services delivered via complex partnerships? This Forum delivers new case studies and strategies from world-leading organizations in customer experience management, exploring how to:

  • Embrace customer centricity across the organization – what works and what doesn’t? 
  • Harness data, customer feedback and insights from multiple channels, including social media which drive loyalty and new revenue opportunities
  • Decide what to measure and what matters to the customer’s experience using TM Forum’s Customer Experience Management Index
  • How to measure and assure customer experience across multiple touch points
  • How to deliver self-care and customer loyalty programs that pay for themselves

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Cloud services are the enabling fabric of the digital world, dramatically reducing the barriers to entry for new players, and transforming the cost base, agility and mobility of established businesses. Yet realizing the full potential of enterprise cloud services and removing the roadblocks to enabling IT-as-a-Service means overcoming the challenges of security, quality of experience and governance.

Whatever your role in the cloud – from infrastructure to software – this Forum gives you access to cutting-edge thinking, tools and techniques to achieve your goals, including:

  • Trends, drivers and barriers to adoption in the enterprise cloud market
  • Meshing apps with the network to ensure consistent latency, service quality and security across a variety of devices and connections
  • Advances and experiences of using cloud-based enabling services
  • Establishing trading interfaces between partners
  • Managing service quality and security across multiple clouds
  • Addressing the challenges of enterprise mobility and BYOD

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As the digital economy grows, the lines between traditional verticals such as communications, healthcare, financial and energy are quickly blurring. A new wave of opportunity for disruptive services such as eHealth, Smart X, and Connected Home all enabled by M2M and an ’Internet of Things’–is emerging.

The opportunity for service providers is huge, enabling everything from enterprise cloud through to consumer services. This Forum, including workshops led by experts, examines the management and enablement challenges that complex services bring, including:

  • The roadmap for digital services and the verticals which hold the most potential
  • Evaluating enterprise class services – evolving from first generation digital services
  • Building the ecosystem –the challenges and opportunities of developing strong partnerships
  • Latest trends in connected vehicles, telematics, Smart X, eHealth and wellness
  • Understanding the demands of a B2B2x value chain

The time is now for agile IT. As service providers strive harder to automate and reduce costs, new digital services and business models are placing huge stress on IT and operations for service providers and enterprises alike. To compete in the digital world, businesses need greater flexibility, while continuing to run with maximum efficiency. A fundamental rethink is challenging conventional wisdom for portfolio lifecycle, data analytics, security and infrastructure management. This Forum explores how to deliver super-agile operations including:

  • Designing and evolving the back office to vastly increase agility without increasing cost
  • Virtualization and centralization of operations – the pros and cons for investment – and next generation architectures for virtual, agile operations
  • Enabling the rapid assembly and introduction of cradle-to-the-grave portfolio and catalog lifecycle management
  • Rapidly scaling from innovation to an industrial-strength service
  • Overcoming operational challenges, implementing solutions in a multi-partner environment

As service providers battle to protect current revenues, future earnings from complex digital services increase the risks of revenue leakage and fraud. This Forum uncovers the latest thinking on how to deliver closely integrated and optimized systems, processes and procedures, and a revenue management approach that extends beyond silos and the walls of your own business. From revenue distribution in extended value chains, to innovative charging models and new security challenges, topics include:

  • Developing revenue management strategies for digital services
  • Implementing TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Maturity Model
  • Optimizing real-time convergent charging for new services
  • Evolving to an holistic approach to revenue management
  • Managing fraud, security and risk in the digital ecosystem

Security is top of mind for every business. But as service providers grapple with mobility, cloud- based applications and a complex ecosystem, vulnerabilities and risks are skyrocketing. With multiple partners across the value chain, every organization must adopt an effective security strategy. What processes, technology and techniques should you use, and what are the potential points of failure? How do your partners approach security, and what data can you share? This Forum addresses pressing security challenges for service providers, enterprises and governments including:

  • Assessing the security threat to your business and partners, and exploring the challenges of mobility and BYOD
  • Securing the mobile enterprise through commercially viable solutions
  • Enforcing and reacting to security breaches in a complex ecosystem
  • Protecting assets through predictive analysis and business intelligence
  • Designing and architecting services with security built-in
  • Managing concerns about customers’ and partners’ privacy

As consumers demand wireless content delivery and connected home entertainment, service providers are exploring alternative methods of content acquisition and delivery to keep pace. Ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction are key competitive factors and essential to growing market share.

TM Forum’s Cable Forum draws on experts from leading MSOs across the globe to provide insight on overcoming the challenges of delivering content via multiple platforms including:

  • Building partnerships with non-traditional players
  • Competing on customer experience rather than service
  • Migrating to IP platforms
  • Providing commercial virtual private network services over cable networks
  • Adding value to triple play with holistic service assurance
  • Managing content discovery and aggregation trend
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