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Management World Americas 2012


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This Agenda Means Business

Management World Americas is the only conference covering end-to-end management of digital services and the challenges of running any service provider business. In addition to a full Cable Summit and Executive Roundtables, this year's new interactive conference covers the most critical challenges facing digital business today across five Forums:

As the digital economy grows, the lines between traditional verticals such as communications, healthcare, financial and energy are quickly blurring, creating a new wave of opportunity for life-changing services such as eHealth, Smart Grid, and Connected Home. This Forum examines the management and enablement challenges that complex services bring, including:

  • How to build partnerships that last – ensuring service levels, quality
    and the right customer experience to deliver success
  • Driving digital innovation in an established business
  • Tracking trends and opportunities in digital and M2M service management
  • Overcoming the complexity of seamless billing, charging and revenue
    assurance for digital services
  • Identifying and developing best practices for digital service management

Speaker Companies

AT&T BT Cablevision Comcast Rogers Sprint Telus Time Warner Cable T-Mobile Verizon Vodafone
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Every player in the digital economy is gathering data at an astonishing rate. Behind that data, every transaction holds a story – an insight into customer behavior and experience that can transform business decisions, and fortunes. But analyzing such massive amounts of data and extracting its value isn’t easy. This Forum explores:

  • Best practices in Big Data Analytics – lessons learned from multiple industries
  • Using Big Data to enhance your customer’s experience, add value and spot
    new product and service opportunities
  • Leveraging and monetizing customer data
  • Privacy - what’s acceptable? Regulatory, legal and social constraints
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Effectively managing your customer’s experience is essential to customer retention, satisfaction and growth. But managing that experience across a single business, let alone a value-chain of partners, is a daunting task. This Forum gives you the tools you need to deliver the best customer experience possible by delving into topics such as:

  • Managing the customer experience end-to-end across a value-web of partners
  • Using Social Media to understand and enhance the customer’s experience
  • Managing your enterprise customer’s experience and expectations
  • Measuring and benchmarking your own customer experience maturity
  • Best practices and practical lessons in delivering world-class customer experience
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In the digital economy, an agile business is a profitable business. Flexible, efficient IT is core to delivering that agility, providing the platform for automated, self-managing services that fit individual customer preferences, and return a healthy margin. But how do you deliver real agility – where do you invest, and where should you partner? This Forum takes on the tough challenges, including:

  • Aligning IT with business goals and requirements
  • Deciding what, where and when to move to Cloud
  • Managing IT in a multi-cloud, multi-partner ecosystem
  • Leveraging disruption – using disruptive technologies to drive positive change
  • Using TM Forum Frameworx as the foundation for successful enterprise IT transformation
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CSG International

With the digital economy forecast to represent more than 1/7 of all sales flowing through the world economy by 2013, cyber security is a growing threat for business today. As services gravitate towards the cloud, the question for you – and your customers – is how safe is it? This Forum explores the latest thinking on cyber security, including:

  • How big is the threat today, and what’s next for cyber security?
  • How secure is my value-chain partner, and what data should I share with them?
  • How to architect and design services with security in mind
  • Device security and the challenges for enterprises of Bring Your Own Device
  • Monitoring and managing security breaches

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