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Executive Program: Profitability in the Digital World

TM Forum’s invitation-only Executive Program gives senior decision makers from communications and beyond an exclusive opportunity to network, explore new opportunities and formulate ideas and solutions to your toughest challenges. This is a unique opportunity for service provider executives and other business leaders to gather under one roof to share valuable personal insight and knowledge.

The best learning experiences come from a combination of listening to experts and interacting with your peers.

Through a series of strategic debates, roundtable discussions and executive interview sessions, you’ll experience participatory learning and get the information you need to position yourself as the market leader in the future. Download the Executive Program Brochure and Agenda.

This year’s Executive Program includes:

  • Platinum Pass-holder Status (access all areas)
  • Exclusive access to the Executive Roundtables, Executive Breakfasts, Brainstorming Table Sessions and Audience with... sessions
  • VIP Reception on Monday, December 3
  • Executive summary
    • Roundtable participants will receive a helpful list of deliverables and/or outcomes and an executive summary of the discussion after the event
  • Enhanced networking
    • Opt in/out to share contact information with other Platinum pass attendees - list sent to attendees week before event and post event

Plus VIP treatment, including:

  • Personalized itinerary
  • A single point of contact for queries, information and assistance
  • Reserved seating at the Management World Americas Keynote Perspectives sessions
  • Access to the exclusive Platinum Lounge
    • A quiet place to conduct informal meetings
    • Concierge and business center services available
    • Perpetual hospitality
    • Private meeting room available upon request
    • Daily international newspapers

Executive Program Agenda

Monday, December 3, 2012

VIP Reception

Sponsored by

Agilis International


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

8:00 am – 9:00 am Executive Breakfast

Building a Culture of Innovation: It’s not just a Pipe Dream

  • How can service providers channel the resources of innovative employees and remove barriers to creativity?
  • When should a service provider focus on being an enabler and route to market for innovators?
  • How to determine what services, both internally and externally, service providers should be looking at investing in for future growth

Speaker: Dee Burger, Global Telecom, Media and Entertainment Practice Sector Lead,  Capgemini

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Executive Roundtable

Sleeping with the Enemy - Are Mutually Profitable Partnerships Possible

between Telcos and OTT Players?

  • What does our industry have to do to shed the “us versus them” mentality?
  • Who is looking to work with OTT players and how?
  • Can OTT players become valuable partners/customers rather than competitors?
  • Where do you decide to partner and where do you decide to create your own OTT offerings?

Moderator: Tony Poulos, Market Strategist, TM Forum


Brian Johnson, Executive Vice President, Tyntec Ltd USA

Jeremy Anderson, Director of Enterprise Architecture Services, Sprint Corporation

4:15 pm – 5:45 pm Executive Roundtable

Securing our Connected World

Security is on top everyone?s mind today. While corporate budgets are increasing exponentially to address today?s threats, is better protection really available for purchase ? or can the application of best practices substantially reduce risk? This roundtable will take a look at Security Management best practices and solutions that can be applied to any business.

  • How are providers going to address the growing need for security in all their transactions and in their management of privacy and sensitive data?
  • How are suppliers stepping up to the plate and helping them address this issue?

Moderator: Annie Turner, Managing Editor, TM Forum


Bryan Fite, US&C Security & Mobility Portfolio Manager, BT Global Services

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

8:00 am – 9:00 am Executive Breakfast

Catalyst Introspective: Business Assurance - Managing Risk and Reward

Catalyst Introspective: Business Assurance - Managing Risk and Reward The Executive Breakfast at Management World Americas introduces a broad range of Business Assurance topics, starting with an innovative use of dynamic metrics by Telecom Italia that are yielding dramatic results for improved visibility into Customer Experience. Following is an overview of two innovative Catalyst projects that include elements of Mobile Money, LTE, Risk Management, Partner Revenue Sharing, and dynamic video Service Assurance. Please plan to join us for what promises to be a thought provoking session.


Steve Cotton,  Director, Business Assurance Programs, TM Forum

Fabio Pizzuti, Director Database & Systems, Department: NW Operations, Telecom Italia Group

Hesham Salah, Internal Audit Manager, Etisalat Egypt

Marcello Vinci, Netezza Account Executive, IBM Corporation

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Brainstorming Table Sessions

Join this lively idea sharing session with your peers, some of the most innovative leaders in our industry, to share your thoughts on various topics that are keeping executives up at night. You can choose from the list of topics below, which table you like to join, and then jump in. Each Brainstorming Table will be overseen by a moderator who will be taking notes and developing an executive summary highlighting what was discussed. These executive summaries will then be shared with all Platinum Pass attendees. Each table will be limited to 10 executives on a first come, first serve basis.

Table 1: Future Predictions

  • How do you plan to continue growing when your market becomes saturated?
  • Do you see your revenues increasing or decreasing over the next five years and why?
  • Is being a dumb pipe or pure wholesaler a viable option for any network operator?

Moderator: Colin Orviss, TM Forum Ambassador; Founding Partner, Parhelion Global Communications Advisors

Table 2: Social Networks

  • What role should Service providers play in the evolution of the social networking world, or are service providers simply the network? Can we apply pure Economics to OTT and share the rewards of Social Networking?
  • Why was the GSMA’s Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) initiative not another SMS type industry showcase?  Is it a case that commercial ideas need commercial execution to succeed?
  • Now that we have transformed how do we re-ignite innovation, and out innovate the OTT? Is it a Global, Regional or Country led initiative?
  • Go forward options and  Actions:
  1. Role of CSP incubators (SingTel’s Innov8, Telefonica’s Wayar, Telstra’s Application Venture Group)
  2. Role of Standards Bodies  – TM Forum, GSMA
  3. Group and regional initiatives

Moderator: Simon Muderack, CEO, Tribold

Table 3: Exploiting the Potential for Growth in Latin & South America
  • How is the communications market developing in South and Latin America?
  • What are the sweet spots for suppliers to support this developing market?

Table 4: Accelerating the Next Generation of eHealth

  • What role are Service providers likely to play in the evolution of the eHealth world?
  • Who are the key partners that Service Providers need to establish relationships with?
  • What sorts of services and business models are likely to emerge?

Moderator: Mary Whatman, Founding Partner, Parhelion Global Communications Advisors

Table 5: Next Generation Business Assurance Programs

  • Where are BA programs heading now that they have broadened and matured, especially in the strategic areas of Customer Experience and Big Data?
  • What do you see as the greatest threat to your revenues?
  • Is revenue leakage going to explode with the launch of a vast array of new digital services?
  • What needs to happen to plug this gap before it becomes a major problem for the industry?

Moderator: Dr. Ron Angner, Senior Vice President & Principal, Center of Operational Excellence & Business Assurance Practice Lead, TMNG

10:00 am – 10:30 am An Audience with...

Unzipping the Digital World with Keith Willetts

While the communications industry has given birth to the game-changing digital world, there’s a paradox: radical change brings threats and well as opportunities and the digital world threatens the communications industry as we know it. Keith Willetts, TM Forum’s visionary Chairman, draws on much of the research and thinking in his new book, Unzipping the Digital World, about how companies can thrive in the digital economy. In this session, he discusses thorny issues such as:

  • The drivers behind the digital world & its impacts
  • The emerging digital eco-system and business models
  • Where are the high growth ‘sweet spots’ & where communications companies should focus their investments and energies
  • The over-riding importance of visionary leadership and how to drive change across the company
  • How to move to a highly innovative culture and approach
  • How to develop the sustaining and profitable business partnerships that are the backbone of the digital world
  • How to shift gears to become a highly customer-centric organization and deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • ‘It’s the software, stupid’ - how to transform from IT as a support to a highly software-centric and creative organization

Interviewee: Keith Willetts, Chairman, TM Forum

Interviewer: Deb Osswald, VP of Research, IDC

11:15 am – 12:45 pm Executive Roundtable

Executive Roundtable

Sponsored by

Big Data: Big Challenge - Bigger Opportunities

  • How to utilize data and usage traffic to provide customer profitability analysis, end-to-end visibility for new product rollouts
  • Using real-time analysis to improve the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty
  • How are Service Providers organizing themselves to address the demand of big data analytics
  • What support do they need from suppliers?
  • How can ‘personal data’ be turned into a new class of economic asset?

Moderator: Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading


Patricia Davidson, Director, Customer Expereince,  NII Holdings

Simon Tadeo, Owner of Transformation and VP of Customer Expereince and Innovation, CableVision

Kathleen Romano, Director - Bill Print, Payment and AR Operations, Verizon Communications

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Executive Roundtable

Leadership Requirements in the Move to a True Customer Centric Culture

Executive Roundtable

Sponsored by

Customer-centricity is far from a new buzzword in communications, but for many years it was more about rhetoric than reality at many organizations. But in today's interconnected, on-demand competitive environment, providing a positive multi-channel customer experience isn't discretionary - it's essential to retention, market share growth and the strength of the brand. This roundtable discusses where the industry is going with Customer Experience Management and how it needs to change.

  • The rise of the CCO - making the case for a Chief Customer Officer to join the management team
  • Linking customer experience to profitability: Proving that customer experience impacts the bottom line
  • Creating a consistent experience across multiple channels from the top down
  • Making the business case for customer experience investments

Moderator: Rob Rich, Managing Director, TM Forum Insights, TM Forum


Carol Borghesi, Former SVP - Customers First Culture, TELUS HR

Steve Kirkeby, Executive Director, Telecommunications, Global Services and Emerging Industries Division,

JD Powers

For more information on the Executive Program at Management World Americas, to register, or to see if you qualify for an invitation, please contact Claire Ardley at cardley@tmforum.org.

Claire can also provide assistance with booking hotel accommodations and any other arrangements you may have. Space is limited, so reserve your space today.

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