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Management World Americas 2012

Exhibitor List

Exhibitor Booth #
Agilis International, Inc. Sponsor
Alcatel-Lucent Forumville
Amdocs Management Limited Sponsor
Amdocs Management Limited Forumville
Ascom Deutschland GmbH, Systems & Solutions Booth 5
AsiaInfo, Inc. Forumville
Bank of America Forumville
BaseN Forumville
Beesion Technologies 27
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Forumville
BT Group plc Forumville
CA Technologies, Inc. Forumville
CA Technologies, Inc. EAS 6
Capgemini Sponsor
Carnegie Mellon University Forumville
Casewise Booth 24
Centina Systems, Inc. Booth 28
China Mobile Communications Corporation Forumville
China Mobile Communications Corporation Forumville
ClickSoftware Inc EAS
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Forumville
Comptel Booth 7
Comptel Association Booth 18
Comverse EAS 4
ConceptWave Software St. John's 26
CSG International Sponsor
cVidya Networks Ltd. Forumville
Cycle30 Booth 16
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Forumville
Digicel Group Forumville
DigitalRoute HUB Room 5
Ericsson Inc. Sponsor
Ericsson Inc. Forumville
Ericsson Inc. Forumville
ESRI Booth 6
Etisalat Misr Forumville
FNT GmbH Booth 22
Hewlett-Packard St. John's 34
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd Forumville
IBM Corporation Forumville
Infonova Forumville
Intraway Corp Booth 11
Lavastorm Analytics Booth 13
McAfee Forumville
MetraTech Corp. 25
Microsoft Corporation Forumville
Microsoft Corporation HUB Room 9
MTS Allstream Inc. Forumville
NetCracker Technology Booth 1
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, acting through its Northrop Grumman Information Systems Sector, Cyber Solutions Division Forumville
Oracle Corporation St. John's 22 & 23
Orange Forumville
Orga Systems GmbH HUB Room 1
Rogers Communications Inc. Forumville
SAPO (PT Comunicacoes) Forumville
SevOne, Inc. Booth 9
SingTel Optus Forumville
Sooth Technology Forumville
SunTec Business Solutions Pvt Ltd Forumville
Synaptitude Forumville
Synchronoss Booth 14
Syracuse University Forumville
Tektronix Communications Forumville
Tektronix Communications EAS 2
The University of San Francisco Forumville
Tieto EAS 8
TOA Technologies, Inc. Forumville
UBS Financial Services Forumville
UnboundID Corp. EAS 1
University of Colorado School of Law Forumville
University of the Highlands and Islands Forumville
Ventraq, Inc. Forumville
Vertek Corporation Booth 8
WeDo Technologies St. John's 27
WeDo Technologies Forumville