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Management World Americas 2012

Forumville at Management World Americas 2012

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Forumville is non-stop action and your one-stop shop for everything TM Forum

Whether you are just starting to learn about TM Forum’s best practices, or you are deeply engaged in our events, community, and more, the experts in Forumville are on hand to help you achieve success and make the most of your time. It’s where TM Forum’s Best Practices, Standards, Frameworx, and Collaboration Programs come to life through demonstrations, presentations, TM Forum Experts, networking, and more.

Get to Know Frameworx

Book a one-on-one meeting with a TM Forum subject matter expert in our Expert Bar. We’ll be happy to help you think through your implementation of Frameworx, use of standardized interfaces, prospects for Frameworx conformance certification or anything else you’d like to discuss. Click here to make your 30 minute appointment now.

See Frameworx in Action

Most notably, Forumville is home to the popular Catalyst projects. TM Forum’s Catalyst program takes an innovative approach to creating leading-edge solutions through short-term projects, championed by service providers and executed in collaboration with suppliers. This year, in conjunction with the recent launch of TM Forum’s Digital Services Initiative, the Catalyst projects are geared specifically toward the delivery of digital services. They are:

In addition, see two implementations of the new Simple Management API in action:


Get to know us!

Whether you are looking to join TM Forum, or you want to know how to best leverage your membership, Forumville is the place to get your questions answered! Stop by the Welcome Desk or ask any TM Forum staff member about how you and your company can get involved!