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Management World 2008

SDF Overview

The SDF Workshop provides students with practical guidance for implementing, using, and extending the SDF and other teams’ results. Case studies depict how the SDP/SDF work is being used by TM Forum members and exercises allow students to practice the competencies obtained during the workshop.

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Course Details
Code: N08-14 & N08-22
Title: SDF Overview
Instructors: Dave Milham
Day: Monday, May 19, 2008 - PM Only (1:30pm - 5:30pm)
Thursday, May 22, 2008 - PM Only (1:30pm - 5:30pm)
Course level: Introductory
Intended for: Service Providers, Systems integrators and vendors planning introduction of IMS, SDF and Web 2.0 solutions.
Pre-requisites: Basic Knowledge of TM Forum Business Process Framework (eTOM), some familiarity with IMS.
Length: Half day
Technology Being Taught: TM Forum SDF Framework addressing OSS and Run time issues in introducing SDF operationally.
Upon completion, delegates will be able to:
  • Identify the key business drivers;
  • Relate those drivers to specific aspects which need to be designed and developed to implement an SDP/SDF;
  • Relate those drivers to the TM Forum Business Process Framework (eTOM) and SDF Frameworks;
  • Articulate the key aspect of the TM Forum SDF Framework;
  • Relate that to a practical SDF implementation based on IMS;
  • Understand the steps in developing a SDF solution within their organization by extrapolation from the example in the Unit;
  • Identify of some of the IT and Development method changes/challenges;
  • Apply the SDF Reference Framework.

Unit 1: SDP/SDF Business Case Drivers

  • A review of the  Business drivers for SDP based solutions;
  • An analysis of the impacts of those requirements on operational solutions covering:
    • Business Models;
    • Process models;
    • Technology - both service platforms and management platforms;
    • Operational implications, lifecycle, agility, & monetization;
    • Standards implications.

Unit 2: TM Forum Service Delivery Framework (SDF) and Standards

  • Introduction and  review of the TM Forum SDF  Framework;
  • Review of relevant standardization work from NGOSS, OMA, & 3GPP IMS;
  • A typical SDP /SDF implementation approach.

Unit 3: Implementation Considerations

  • How a TM Forum Framework can be used to create interoperable management components with standardized interfaces to support designing and deploying SDP/SDF;
  • Procurement considerations.
As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued.

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Dave Milham
TMF Distinguished Fellow

Dave is an active contributor to the TM Forum since 1988 and has performed a number of leadership roles in the TM Forum, most recently the co-chair of the Service Delivery Framework team and the NGOSS Contracts Management Program. He is currently active in the Service Delivery Framework, Architecture Harmonization and SLA Management teams.

He recently retired from BT where he worked in the Office of the CTO on driving OSS Architecture and Innovation within the BT Group. Working with the BT Design system teams he was  responsible for development BT’s internal OSS architecture and was one of the contributors to BT 21C OSS Architecture and the adoption of the TMF MTOSI interfaces within the BT 21C OSS program. He also was a contributor to the UK Industry Business to Business process group NICC B2B.

Since retiring he is consulting with operators on business process engineering and transformation, Customer experience, Service Level Agreements and QoS.

He graduated from Imperial College of Science and Technology and Essex University. He is a Chartered Member of the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly IEE),
He holds a TM Forum Distinguished Fellowship in recognition of his contribution to the TM Forum over the last decade.