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5 Reasons to Attend Training & Certification

  1. Take cost and risk out of your current projects
    Gain competitive advantage with courses at Management World covering several aspects of Frameworx, including a business perspective and RFx assessment.

  2. Conquer integration problems
    Are you tired of buying off the shelf software that doesn’t mesh with existing systems?  Use the Business Process Framework to analyze the entire ecosystem before you make that purchase to facilitate the ease of integration.

  3. There's something for everyone
    Both introductory and intermediate level courses are led by industry experts in TM Forum Frameworx, outsourcing, ITIL and more allowing you to learn from those who have helped numerous companies with their deployment of TM Forum standards.

  4. Improve operational & business agility
    Find out how TM Forum’s Frameworx integrated business architecture provides an industry agreed, service oriented approach for rationalizing operational IT, processes, and systems.

  5. Utilize neutral, completely supported solutions
    Frameworx comes with a full range of services including the new TM Forum Transformation Resource Center along with benchmarking and certification.

Training + Conference = Tools & Knowledge for Success
Whatever your business challenges, this is your chance to take advantage of all Management World has to offer. Register now for the Training Courses that meet your needs as well as the extensive 4-summit Conference to accelerate your learning of today's most critical standards, solutions and best practices.

If you are interested in group discounts or on-site training, please contact Chuck Smith.

Courses offered include:

Frameworx Distilled - A Business Perspective

Business Process Framework Distilled

Information Framework Distilled

Frameworx Interfaces Distilled

Managing Outsourcing

Business Process Framework Implementer's Workshop

Information Framework Modeler's Workshop

OSS Design Patterns

Using the Business Process Framework (eTOM) to Realize ITIL