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TM Forum’s Management World 2013 is May 13-16, 2013.
Join us next year in Nice, France!
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Defense @ Management World 2012

Management World 2012 brings together key Defense agencies and service providers from around the globe to rethink and simplify the complexity of Defense communications. Hear what other industry leaders are doing to succeed despite challenging operational conditions, and learn how to use standards to achieve common goals.

By attending Defense @ Management World sessions, you will learn how to:
  • Reduce costs; eliminate waste and duplication; improve effectiveness
  • Deliver effective communication and information capabilities to the war fighter
  • Move from a 'need to know' to an 'obligation to share' mindset
  • Produce a common operational picture
  • Increase flexibility and agility to address changing operational conditions
  • Become early adopters and reduce procurement cycles

Agenda Highlights

Wednesday May 23

Don't miss the main conference Keynote Presentation by CTO David Burton, NC3A!

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

  • Defense Keynote Presentation by Group Captain Peter Clouth, UK MOD 
  • Increase flexibility, agility to address changing operational conditions
  • Using Standards to reduce costs, eliminate waste and duplication and improve efficient utilization of finite resources with Michael Lawrey, Executive Director, Operations, Telstra Corporation
  • Why is TM Forum Frameworx important in addressing these issues?
  • Supply chain and vendor reduction delivering productivity
  • Application Service Provider architecture

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

  • Cyber Security Panel featuring moderator and opening speaker: Martin Huddleston, Cyber Defence Capability Advisor, Defence Science and Technology Laboratorynology Laboratory, Susan Schreiner, Cyber Security Lead, MITRE; Luke Forsyth, Vice-President for Security Services, EMEA, CA Technologies, Inc.; Colin Nash, Business Development, Deep-Secure
Click here to use the agenda session browser and filter by summit or topic “Defense” to see many more related sessions.

Defense Networking Opportunities

Interact with all the right people, and help shape the future of Defense communications, at one-of-a-kind networking events:

Defense Interest Group Breakfast

Wednesday, May 23

A private breakfast and networking opportunity for Defense agencies and service providers prior to the Defense-related conference sessions later that afternoon.

Defense Agency Executive Lunch
& Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, May 23

An intimate luncheon and roundtable discussion during which David Burton, CTO, NATO C3 Agency and members of TM Forum’s Board of Directors will meet with key Defense agency and service provider members.

Defense-Related Catalyst Project Demonstration in Forumville

Resilient Cloud: Maintaining Service in the Face of Developing Threats

In just a few years, cloud computing has grown from a small niche to one of the hottest topics in IT. Many of the benefits users derive from cloud computing stem from the way cloud redefines IT operations. Formerly complex and time consuming tasks such as deployments, server and software configuration, applications management and even disaster recovery planning become simple, routine, and often something users can do themselves via a web interface.

In the defense context this flexibility opens new perspectives in terms of usage (resource consuming applications can be scheduled according to operational priorities) or resources sharing within a coalition. On-demand resources, dynamic provisioning, and automatic recovery from hardware failures are all available instantly when moving to the cloud. These new capacities, however, come with new risks and vulnerabilities that defense cloud providers must proactively mitigate.

Champion: Telstra

Participants: Thales, CA, Layer 7, ESRI

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