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TM Forum’s Management World 2013 is May 13-16, 2013.
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Forumville & Catalyst Projects

Forumville is all about how you can deliver more, for less. It is where TM Forum's Best Practices, Standards, Frameworx and Collaborative Programs come to life with demonstrations, presentations, TM Forum experts, networking and more. Forumville is also home to TM Forum's unique Catalysts -- projects which feature service providers and other end users as project "champions"; guiding collaborative vendor teams to bring innovative, not-seen-anywhere-else ideas and solutions to life.

Forumville incorporates multiple zones; each tackling a key industry challenge and echoing issues covered in the conference; you can take what you learn in the conference and what you experience in Forumville back to the office and start applying the solutions immediately. Forumville features continual live demonstrations of Catalyst projects with participants from over 75 leading service providers and vendors. You can't afford to miss it!
New for Management World 2012, Forumville is organized into four zones that leverage and develop TM Forum’s Frameworx set of Best Practices and Standards. Each zone addresses a key industry focus area and echoes issues covered in the Management World conference. You can take your combined conference and Forumville knowledge back to the office and start applying solutions immediately for the benefit of your company. Zones include:

Cloud and New Services

Using Standardization to Realize the Promise of the Digital Services Age
Continuing growth of ‘digital services’ such as cloud is increasingly driving communications industry investment. This zone focuses on bringing together players from across the value chain to demonstrate key concepts for managing cloud services and networks in a complex, multi-party environment while reducing operating costs and risk and improving customer satisfaction. The demonstrations in this zone focus on utilizing and defining new TM Forum best practices and standards to deploy and manage cloud and other digital services with the goal of simplifying interaction among partners across business-to-business interfaces.

Revenue Management

Managing the Bottom Line with Analytics, Advanced Billing, and Revenue Assurance
See how today’s technologies can be used to enable more rapid executive decision making to improve business performance and customer experience in four state of the art demonstrations. Learn how to assess business health, identify problems, and drive improvements through use of real operational data and dashboards and the TM Forum’s Benchmarking Program.   Learn the latest in TM Forum’s highly advanced Revenue Assurance program and see the latest concepts demonstrated live. Learn how advancements in charging are changing the way service providers can bill customers, enhancing customer experience while reducing costs.

Implementing Frameworx

Enabling Successful Business and IT Transformation with TM Forum Best Practices and Standards
Learn how TM Forum Frameworx, including Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM), Integration Framework, Interfaces and more can be applied to enable service oriented transformation across converged networks offering a wide range of services.


Leveraging TM Forum Standard and Best Practices to Drive Profitability of New Cable Services
In this zone you will see how Frameworx is being applied to solve business and technical challenges for cable operators (MSOs) including rapid deployment of new cable services such as TV Everywhere, management of cable video service quality, and service level agreements with partners.

Bandwidth Exchange

The emergence of dynamic, on-demand computational resource trading will enable a re-evaluation of complementary bandwidth-on-demand service offerings. Typically bandwidth forward contracts are traded in Over-The-Counter transactions. First Derivatives, Amartus, Nokia Siemens Networks and Intune Networks are pooling their expertise to research the possibilities of creating a commercially viable bandwidth exchange marketplace. The marketplace involves trading options and futures on bandwidth like other commodities and a spot market. A live demonstration of the market-place will reflect use cases defined to allow carriers to generate new revenue streams through the securitization of Bandwidth as an exchange tradable commodity.

Champion: BT Group plc

Amartus, First Derivatives Ireland Ltd, Intune Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks

Frameworx for Multi-Partner Lifecycle Management

This Catalyst showcases the end-to-end Resource Life Cycle Management view in a scenario where a Communications Service Provider (CSP) offers a service comprised of its own network resources and a virtual data center residing in a third-party owned cloud. The CSP sells the service, and handles billing and service management. The third-party service partner delivers wholesale Virtual Data Center services to the CSP. The demonstration shows how the interconnection is established and the network build-out is sourced from both the CSP's own assets and the third-party service partner’s product, which becomes the basis for all subsequent inter-provider interactions.

Champion: Saudi Telecom Company

IBM Corporation, SAP AG, Ericsson

Resilient Cloud: Maintaining Service in the Face of Developing Threats

The Resilient Cloud Catalyst project aims to prove that cloud is a viable technology for defense by applying a real-time understanding of service-affecting enterprise risk threats (emerging threat vectors), and making adjustments to maintain continuity for critical services. Service is maintained through movement of workload where decisions are based on service level requirements. The resulting demonstration includes a threat “dashboard”, secure management interfaces for cloud-based services, and auditing. TM Forum Interfaces and the Information Framework are utilized to enable the rapid response this scenario requires through IT and network management alignment creating an end-to-end view of the network and services.

Champions: Telstra

CA Technologies, Inc., ESRI, Layer 7 Technologies, Thales Communications SA

Alarm Management
for Converged Networks

This Catalyst demonstrates the cost reduction which can be obtained by employing the TM Forum Integration Program’s Resource Alarm Management (RAM) interface. The demonstration shows how the interface allows multiple vendors to connect to multiple Network Management Systems (NMS) through a standardized interface, allowing for common processing of alarms received from multiple sources. Standardization decreases development time, integration time and project risk resulting in substantial cost savings. Additionally the project showcases the practical implementation of the interface in a simple profile demonstrating how to resolve the idea of simple vs. rich interfaces. Choosing a simple profile of the RAM interface paves the way for rapid adoption of the standard, without hindering the rich functionality of the interface.

Champions: China Mobile Communications Corporation, Deutsche Telekom AG, France Telecom-Orange, SaskTel, Vodafone D2

Comarch S.A., Hewlett-Packard, Huawei Technologies Ltd, IBM Corporation, SaskTel International, TEOCO Corporation, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

Converging the Resource View
to Improve Customer Experience

This Catalyst project demonstrates how to construct and apply end-to-end customer-resource views for converged networks, in order to improve service capability and customer satisfaction, which is essential for transformation from a single mobile network to a converged network. Different layers of customer topology views, service topology views and resource views can be generated for all resources across multiple domains, and utilized in business operational processes, such as customer self-service, product/offer design, resource survey, customer impact analysis; all of which help support improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction. On-site demonstrations of the application scenarios will be available in the Catalyst demonstration area in Forumville.

Champions: China Mobile Communications Corporation

Alcatel-Lucent, Beijing University of Posts and Communications, Beijing BOCO Inter-Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., Inspur Communication Information Systems Co., Ltd, Huawei Technologies Ltd, Ericsson, ZTE Corporation

Optimizing Lead to Cash with Frameworx – ITIL Integration

The "Optimizing Lead to Cash with Frameworx – ITIL Integration" Catalyst demonstrates that the Lead to Cash process can be optimized by integrating business processes, data and metrics using standards-based interfaces. Sponsored and guided by FT Orange and China Unicom, the project explores three compelling enterprise service scenarios that have been co-developed with the Quick Start Pack for Fulfillment. It incorporates the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Business Performance Measurement System, value chain contributions from NICC and NBNCO, and best practices for cloud services. The Catalyst helps service providers optimize, integrate, and successfully monetize their end-to-end processes from Lead to Cash.    

Champion: China Unicom, France Telecom-Orange

Huawei Technologies Ltd, Infonova, Microsoft, Progress Software, Tribold, Tech Mahindra Limited

Advancing Customer
Experience Management Analytics

The subscriber ‘Footprint’ covers all interfaces both direct and indirect that the subscriber has with a communications service provider. In order to develop a true customer experience measurement, all of these ‘touch points’ must be taken into account to understand how customers are feeling about the service their service providers are providing/offering. Our Catalyst program proposes the use of an Index. The Customer Experience Management Index (CEMI) seeks to establish an interactive dynamic model for measuring customer satisfaction across the service provider enterprise domain, utilizing the vast array of KPI/KQI data available and surfaced as a ‘CxO’ score which is an Industry average across participating service providers.

Genband, IBM Corporation, Network Critical, Ventraq

Business Assurance Automation

This Catalyst addresses a critical industry challenge by effectively transforming overloads of operational “big” data into timely and actionable business decisions. This innovative catalysts team is championed by Service Provider member companies Optimus Portugal, Swisscom, and Telefonica’s O2 Slovakia. TM Forum-Certified for Business Metric Automation member companies cVidya Networks and WeDo Technologies will present their approaches to isolating continuous improvement opportunities and relating them to Frameworx-compliant implementations. Demonstration scenarios include running benchmark queries for various business scenarios against the TM Forum’s centralized Business Metrics Automation (BMA) server and presenting the results in executive dashboards.

Champion: O2 Slovakia, Portugal Telecom/Optimus, Swisscom AG

cVidya Networks, Inc., WeDo Technologies

Real-time Charging for High Volume Mobile Data

Today, network operators have deep concerns with charging performance following data explosion on 2G, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. The "Real Time Charging for High Volume Mobile Data" Catalyst project introduces a highly scalable and efficient solution to address this issue. This policy control and charging solution complies with 3GPP standards and delivers:
  • Scalability with resource requirements for charging divided by 100
  • Performance for policy control and enforcement to manage million users and multi 10 GB traffic.
This solution offers new opportunities for carriers to reduce OPEX, monetize broadband with tiered services, and create interactive customer experience.

Champions: France Telecom-Orange, Swisscom AG

Capgemini Service, DigitalRoute, MATRIXX Software, Vedicis

Revenue Assurance
Impact Measurement Phase II

The Revenue Assurance Impact Measurement Phase II Catalyst continue to develop an industry best-practice and model to measure and report the financial impact of revenue assurance that goes beyond revenue leakage, to model preventative and risk reduction financial impacts. The solution includes defining an agreed and unified impact measurement model for all types of Revenue Assurance activities, leveraging the experience of a large team of service providers and vendors for development and validation, and proving the model in realistic scenarios. This Catalyst enhances the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Guide Book with a new Addendum, and establishes a basis for a new benchmark study.

Champions: China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Unicom, MTS Allstream Inc., Swisscom AG, China Telecommunications Corporation

cVidya Networks, Inc., Ericsson, WeDo Technologies


Catalyst Demonstrations:

Frameworx for New Cable Services: Rapidly Design and Fulfill New Services

Catalyst participants will demonstrate how a “TV Everywhere” service can be rapidly designed and fulfilled on top of the subscriber’s existing digital services. The project proves that Frameworx Certified, pre-integrated and productized BSS/OSS solution stack can improve the design and delivery of new services. In addition, the project shows how to help multiple-play services providers de-risk their OSS/BSS transformation by sharing the investment with and leveraging the experience of mobile and wireline telecom operators, cable operators or cloud services providers. The demonstration system integrates Oracle’s Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery, the first solutions that have received TM Forum’s Frameworx Conformance Solution Certification, with Incognito’s service elements supporting IPTV and CableLabs standards.

Champions: Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, UPC Broadband Operations b.v.

Oracle Corporation,  Incognito Software, Inc.,

Frameworx for New Cable Services: Video Quality and Partner Service Level Agreements

Building on previous Catalyst work, this Catalyst will show how service levels around video quality can be managed and monetized across value chain, from creators and aggregators to cable operators (MSOs). We will address the complexities of monitoring "TV Everywhere" video quality delivered by an MSO to its customers over its own network and managing the quality as delivered over other networks. This hybrid solution will provide Revenue Assurance dashboards to identify when to look at detailed video quality metrics gathered from the network to identify possible SLA violations. By analyzing Revenue Assurance aspects in addition to Video Quality as provided by an MSO's infrastructure, we can better manage the overall delivery of "TV Everywhere".

Champions: Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, UPC Broadband Operations b.v.

IBB Consulting Group, TMNG Global/Cartesian, Sandvine
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