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TM Forum’s Management World 2013 is May 13-16, 2013.
Join us next year in Nice, France!
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Management World 2012

Sponsorship and Expo Opportunities

Expo and Sponsorship Opportunities

If your company has the skills, products and expertise to help service providers simply their operations to deliver innovative and profitable new services, then Management World 2012 is where your company needs to be.

On the heels of our largest and most successful event to date which drew 3,500 attendees representing 680+ companies from 80 countries, Management World 2012 will once again be held at the state-of-the-art Convention Center Dublin where there are a number of valuable opportunities for your company to reach the decision makers that can impact your bottom line.  Becoming a sponsor or exhibitor enables you to:
  • Position and promote your company as a partner on the TM Forum; a trusted brand and thought leader
  • Source new partnerships, enter new markets and identify new business opportunities
  • Strengthen existing partnerships through customer-assuring branding and networking activities
  • Build competitive advantage and gain market intelligence
  • Position your company and solutions in front of senior decision makers

With a wide range of opportunities to choose from, our sponsorship and exhibition team is fully committed to helping you fulfill your sales and marketing objectives, by tailoring a package suited to your business requirements and budgetary needs. There has never been a better time to become a part of a Management World event! 

We also encourage you to reach out to our sales team directly (eventsponsorship@tmforum.org). Bill Metzger (+1 908 887 3874), Carine Vandevelde (+44 207 193 8678) and Renee Harris (+44 785 548 5330) are available to assist you and would be happy to discuss packages that are right for your company and your budget.

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