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Management World Americas

Surviving to Thriving: New Business Models, New Services, New Profits
December 8-10 2009

Management World Americas - A Huge Success!
TM Forum's 10th annual Management World Americas conference proved to be a huge success. Not only from a numbers perspective but also on the seniority of attendees present, the rich content delivered at the conference and training sessions, the innovative live demos in Forumville, as well as hosting the most talked about business networking event to date.

Key Statistics

  • 1200 attendees
  • 61% of attendees were VP’s and Senior Managers
  • 30% of delegates were service providers
  • 300+ unique companies across 50 countries
  • 130+ executive speakers
  • 60+ companies represented in the expo and Forumville
  • Over 50% of delegates attended for business networking

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Thursday, December 10th
Wednesday, December 9th
Tuesday, December 8th

Conference Summits
If you were a conference pass holder for Management World Americas 2009, the Conference Presentations will be available for download by the end of this week. To download the presentations please use the following instructions:

  1. Visit the conference agenda page.
  2. Log into the TM Forum web site at the top right hand corner of the page
  3. Select a conference session; if the presentation is available there will be an option to download

New Services & Business Models Summit

IT & Operational Excellence Summit 

Revenue Management & Billing Summit Customer Experience Summit

Exhibitor News
Service Providers Need to Eliminate Operational Silos for Effective Customer Experience Management, Says Subex
Subex Launches Vector for Agile Service Fulfillment
Compuware Launches New Initiative to Increase Profitability of Mobile Data Service Providers
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