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Management World Americas 2012

Current Catalyst Submissions

Selected Catalysts

TM Forum's unique Catalyst projects feature service providers and other end users as project "champions" -- guiding collaborative vendor teams to bring innovative, not-seen-anywhere-else ideas and solutions to life. The following will be demonstrated at TM Forum's Management World Americas 2012.

Making Security Measurable - Define, Contract, and Implement KPIs to Prevent Threats End-to-End in the Supply Chain

The TM Forum’s “CyberOps Metrics Quick Start Guide: Patch Management”, has defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring industry best practices for Cyber operations. This Catalyst brings these new KPIs to life, proving their viability as indicators and demonstrating that utilizing these good measures across a supply chain can enable contracts between partners to have quantitative features. Read More...

Champion: Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) [an Agency of the UK MOD]

Participants: CA Technologies, McAfee, Sooth

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LTE (4G) and Mobile Money - Risk or Reward?

How will Long Term Evolution (LTE) change mobile networks? How prepared are telecom operators to handle money transfers? This Catalyst provides insight into how these new sources of revenues are at the same time a potential source of risk such fraud and revenue leakage, as well as covering strategies for mitigating these risks. Read More...

Champion: Digicel Group; Etisalat Misr; MTS Allstream, Inc.; Rogers Communications, Inc.

Participants: cVidya Networks, Inc.; Ericsson; Microsoft Corp.; WeDo Technologies

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Cloud Mobility – Solving the Enterprise’s BYOD Challenge

Enterprises are challenged by the rise of “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD in their IT environments. This Catalyst explores solutions to the challenge, including how to secure mobile devices across the enterprise and how to put legacy applications on mobiles. Read More...

Champions: Bank of America; China Mobile Communications; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; SAPO (PT Comunicacoes); UBS Financial Services; Northrop Grumman Corporation; France Telecom-Orange

Participants: Alcatel-Lucent; AsiaInfo-Linkage, Inc.; Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Carnegie Mellon University; Ericsson; Microsoft Corp.; Syracuse University

Supporters: ServiceMesh; Virtual Clarity

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Big Data: Customers, Partners, and Mobile Money

This Catalyst demonstrates proactive Customer Experience Management and revenue management of partner settlement for a multi-partner video service. In addition, the project shows how TM Forum’s IPDR technology can be used to capture Customer Experience on the device itself. Read more...

Champions: China Mobile Communications; SingTel Optus;

 Amdocs Management Ltd.; Huawei Technologies Ltd.; IBM Corp.; Tektronix Communications; Infonova; SunTec Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; Ventraq, Inc.; Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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Optimizing the Virtual Housecall

Health service providers can increasingly reach their customers through not only mobile devices, but specific services from the cable and even telco providers. This Catalyst explores and makes recommendations for positioning the communications industry to support and benefit from eHealth initiatives in the coming decade. Read more...

Champions: Rogers Communications Inc.; The University of San Francisco

Participants:TOA Technologies, Inc.; Amdocs Management Ltd.; University of Colorado; University of Highlands and Islands

Supporter: Detecon International, Ohio State University; imaginary srl

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Innovations for the Emerging Smart Grid Environment

TM Forum Best Practices and Standards are applicable across a broad range of industry segments. This Catalyst shows how TM Forum member companies are leveraging communications industry-centric investments and products in the utility domain, and how utilities might benefit from these proven and tested products and services. Read More...

Champion: BT Group PLC

BaseN, Synaptitude

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