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Marketing Solutions Center


Sponsoring a webinar is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for Forum members to promote their expertise and generate leads.

Mark Bradbury today to reserve your slot.

Webinar sponsorships offer:

  • Direct lead generation
  • Flexible options tailored to your business needs
  • Exposure to one of the largest, most targeted databases in the industry
  • Opportunities to influence every audience sector with branded messages
  • Great long and short term marketing benefits
Choose from the following topics:
- Customer Experience  Management
- Business Process Automation
- Cyber Security
- Innovation
- Partnership Development
- Big Data Analytics
- Revenue Management
- Product/Portfolio Lifecycle Management
- Managing and Monetizing Digital Services
- Frameworx Conformance
- Agile IT
- Managed Outsourcing

Webinar Format:
- Chairman Introduction (5 min)
- Industry-leadership positioning by Forum expert (30 min)
- Case study by your customer/analyst/member of senior management  knowledgeable in the topic area (10 min)
- Concluding remarks (5 min)
- Q&A (10 min)