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Velocent Systems, Inc


Velocent Systems is pioneering Customer Experience Assurance (CEA) for Mobile Data and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Established in Naperville, Illinois by the key packet core engineers from Bell Labs / Lucent and including an experienced management team from blue-chip vendors and successful start-ups, Velocent is helping CSPs manage and monetize the customer experience through the use of real-time actionable analytics (Smarter Data) and Visualisations (Reports/Alerts) distilled from the tsunami of live subscriber, service and network data.

Learn more at www.velocent.com or @Velocent.

Please visit velocent.com/resources or youtube.com/Velocent
Type: Affiliate Member

Principal Contact: Jagadeesh Dantuluri

Date Joined: January 11 2008

Who to Contact: Jagadeesh Dantuluri - Email

Telephone: +1 630 577 1505

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