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CBOSS is a visionary leader in the development of innovative unified convergent BSS solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications business processes, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms across the globe. CBOSS offers the full range of hardware, system and application software, and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementations, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, providing telecoms with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures. CBOSS can supply operators, service providers and MVNOs with all components of IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as full-scale outsourcing options, giving them a reliable and convenient single point of responsibility for the support of the entire BSS solution, which includes responsibility for computing hardware, system and application software and all integration layers between those.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Oleg Gusakov

Date Joined: March 27 2014

Who to Contact: office 1205, Al Thuraya tower #2, DMC, Dubai, UAE - Email

Telephone: +971 4433-8112

Frameworx Conformant Products, Solutions or Implementations

Products in TM Forum’s Products & Services Directory

Market/Sales Product Management
Customer Management Service Management
Resource Management Supplier/Partner Manager
Enterprise Management Services Directory
CBOSS Automated Interconnect Settlements System (CBOSSinterconnect)
CBOSS Automatic CDR Collection System (CBOSSmdCDR)
CBOSS Automatic Customer Care (CBOSSacc)
CBOSS Billing and Customer Care System (CBOSSbcc)
CBOSS Business Intelligence and Reporting Solution (CBOSSbi)
CBOSS Data Mining (CBOSSdm)
CBOSS External Resources Management System (CBOSSmdDrive)
CBOSS Interactive Voice and Video Response (CBOSSivvr)
CBOSS Internet Platform (CBOSSip)
CBOSS Real Time Billing (CBOSSrtb)
CBOSS Roaming Management System (CBOSSroam)
CBOSS Service Telephone Card System (CBOSSstc)
CBOSS Situation Center (CBOSSsCenter)
CBOSS Telecommunications management Network (CBOSStmn)
CBOSS Voucher Management System (CBOSSvms)
CBOSSbcc option:: Automatic Cash Register (CBOSSacr)
CBOSSbcc option:: Internet Corporate Customer Service (CBOSSics-corporate)
CBOSSbcc option:: Internet Customer Service (CBOSSics)
CBOSSbcc option:: Internet Sales Point (CBOSSisp)
CBOSSbcc option:: Marketing Campaign Management (CBOSSmcm)
CBOSSbcc option:: Mobile Dealer Recharge (CBOSSmDealerRecharge)
CBOSSbcc option:: Money Transfer System (CBOSSmoneyTransfer)
CBOSSbcc option:: Product Catalog (CBOSSproductCatalog)
CBOSSbcc option:: PSTN Inventory Management System (CBOSSnetInventory)
CBOSSbcc option:: Web Customer Care (CBOSSwcc)
CBOSSconvergence Hi-End
CBOSSconvergence Mid-Range

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