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“Colin Orviss has provided strategic advisory services to me for the past 6 years both in my current role as EVP/CIO of Rogers Communications Canada and in my previous executive roles within Sprint & Nextel. The services he provides are invaluable to me and the organization as we transform our business towards becoming a fully convergent CSP. His knowledge of the industry, vendor solutions and pragmatic advice on how best to transition our Operations has saved us time and money and assisted with laying the foundation for a continued, high performance company. The principles behind his new venture – Parhelion Global Communications Advisors - namely detailed experience, integrity and passion for both doing & recommending the right thing are sorely needed in our industry!”

– Jerry Brace, CIO Rogers Communications Inc.

Parhelion Global Communications Advisors


Parhelion Global Communications Advisors (Parhelion-GCA) offers independent, expert-based consulting services to the communications industry– specializing in transformation solutions and addressing business optimization challenges – primarily to Services and Network CSPs and, in special cases, to their Partners. Established in 2010 as a vendor-independent management and technology consultancy by Colin Orviss and Mary Whatman, Parhelion-GCA’s goal is to deliver pragmatic advice to the industry using a team of exceptionally qualified communications experts. Parhelion-GCA’s partners and senior advisors have provided services for over 80 fixed, mobile, Internet and cable Service Providers located in over 50 countries globally (many of these activities under the Logan-Orviss International brand of which Colin Orviss was one of the two Founders). In addition, a range of strategy services including strategic positioning for Mergers and Acquisition have been provided to leading equipment and software vendors.One of the keys to Parhelion-GCA’s success is our industry view and thought leadership around new business models and monetization opportunities. We understand that the changing business model is the order of the day to meet ever more demanding customer and stakeholder needs. These new business models must be agile enough for the challenges that will emerge tomorrow while being pragmatic enough to operationalize for today. As such we have coined the term Information Enablement Provider© (IEP) as the new name for the future looking CSP and also created Business and Information System architectures and target operating models to support this new role/entity. We have also specialized in the operationalization of M2M and defining the roles of the players in these eco-systems.
Type: Affiliate Member

Principal Contact: Colin Orviss

Date Joined: May 10 2010

Who to Contact: Colin Orviss - Email

Telephone: +33-609861731

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