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everis Chile S.A.


everis is a multinational consultancy firm that collaborates with leading sector companies in different countries, developing long-term alliances in order to help them achieve their most demanding business goals through the effective use of knowledge, talent and information technologies. In 1996, the consultancy firm started operating in Spain with the opening of an office in Madrid and soon after embarked on its international expansion. At present the firm, which obtained a turnover of 231 million euros in 2005, has 4,500 professionals distributed amongst its different offices in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Brasil, Mexíco and Argentina.

Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Mauricio Ríos

Date Joined: July 1 2004

Who to Contact: Constanza Mandil, Marketing Chile - Email

Telephone: +56 2 422 5454

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