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FNT is an independent and owner-managed software vendor with over 18 years of experience in network & service resource management and meanwhile about 200 employees. Based on the Software Suite Command, FNT provides OSS / IT management applications and solutions for Communications Service Providers, Enterprises and Public Authorities.FNT‘s Command covers the business areas Telecommunications, Cable networks, Outside & Inside Plant Management, Data Center Infrastructure Management as well as IT Infrastructure Management within a single product suite. This is the appropriate resource management approach to cope with the diverse communications services of today. Command builds the central resource repository for Planning, Fulfillment and Assurance processes and therefore forms the cornerstone of a future-proof OSS / BSS architecture. With more than 400 customers in the ICT industry, FNT is one of the leading suppliers of Network Documentation and Planning Software.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Ulrich Schälling

Date Joined: January 19 2012

Who to Contact: Ulrich Schälling - Email

Telephone: +49 (0) 7961-9039-760

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