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Optare Solutions


Optare Solutions is a Spanish consulting company specialized in OSS (with emphasis on fulfillment), working exclusively for telecommunications industry.
Founded in 2002 by people already involved in telecommunications, Optare grew around the expertise and knowledge acquired from projects, and leveraged by its specialization, to secure the success of its clients' projects.
Optare is focused on delivering services, both on its own or in collaboration with partners/consultancies selling a wider scope project or product licenses.

Optare works under the same models for two different types of clients wanting our specialists:
• Telecommunication service providers
• System Integrators and Consultancies

The type of project in Optare depends on the demand of the client:
• Professional services for OSS products and business processes
• Deployment of our partner's OSS products, including Oracle Communications OSS products, especially MetaSolv Solution and Oracle Communications Order & Service Management
• System integration of OSS systems, and with BSS
• Custom development of OSS systems

Our areas of expertise are:
• Order Entry Systems
• Order creation and validations with tools focused on user performance: distributors, call centre agents, sales force, etc...
• Integration with other systems (CRM, inventory, GIS, debtor systems, provisioning, etc) to offer options, pre-calculate order elements and orders validation
• Customer order transformation (marketing view) in provisioning orders (systems view)
• Fulfillment platforms
• Order Handling systems
• Communication between operator and regulator entities: unbundling, numerical portability, wholesale line rental, carrier pre-selection, etc.
• Communication with partners and suppliers: logistics, technician and field operators, equipment suppliers, contents or services
• Network and services inventory
• IT and network resources activation
• Processes automation with CRM and Billing: Ready for Billing and Ready for Service
• Exception management: classification, assisted or automated management and resolution

More information in: http://www.optaresolutions.com

Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Xose Ramon Sousa Vazquez

Date Joined: September 20 2005

Who to Contact: Luis Alves - Email

Telephone: +34 986 410 091

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Staff Certification:

Career Certified Professionals (1)
Anton Rodriguez Yuste: Business Development Manager
Knowledge Certified Professionals (9)
Anton Rodriguez Yuste: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level, Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Carlos Ruiz: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Deborah Gil: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Enrique Hermo: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
fernando porto carballeda: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
HARISH PALAKODETY: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
José Cunha: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Leandro Galli: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
XOSE RAMOS: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level

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