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Optare Solutions


Optare Solutions was founded to provide technical consulting on new complex services fulfillment for a Spanish startup Telco in 2002. We have three operational units, each one with autonomy and own teams, that allows us to maintain a high level of specific knowledge, in their own domains, and more flexibility to commit with Clients objectives: Solutions & Integration: Focused on the development, deployment, and maintenance of OSS/BSS solutions as well as complex Systems Integration. Order Management: Focused on Oracle Communications Fulfillment Suite (OSM, UIM, ASAP, IPSA) as well as RODOD y RSDOD solutions. Network Applications: Focused on Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) domain, ready to deliver turn-key projects for Oracle Communications SDP Solutions. Optare Solutions has been working in the international market since 2008, delivering Professional Services, Specialized Training and Turn-Key Project for CSPs, big SIs and Software Vendors
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Xose Ramon Sousa Vazquez

Date Joined: September 20 2005

Who to Contact: Luis Alves - Email

Telephone: +34 986 410 091

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Staff Certification:

Career Certified Professionals (1)
Anton Rodriguez Yuste: Business Development Manager
Knowledge Certified Professionals (9)
Anton Rodriguez Yuste: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level, Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Carlos Ruiz: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Deborah Gil: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Enrique Hermo: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
fernando porto carballeda: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
HARISH PALAKODETY: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
José Cunha: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Leandro Galli: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
XOSE RAMOS: Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level

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