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Since 1999 Netcon has been an established engineering and consulting company whose main product is deliver integrated solutions in telecommunications, focusing in special requirements of high reliability and availability.

Netcon has a highly qualified technical staff for project development, technical specifications and deployment of phisical and logical inventory systems in major companies.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Eduardo Lopes

Date Joined: May 9 2011

Who to Contact: Eduardo Lopes - Email

Telephone: + 55 81 31170100

Frameworx Conformant Products, Solutions or Implementations

Products in TM Forum’s Products & Services Directory

Customer Management Service Management
Resource Management

Staff Certification:

Career Certified Professionals (1)
Eduardo Langrafe: Business Development Manager
Knowledge Certified Professionals (1)
Eduardo Langrafe: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level, Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level

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