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The Westport Group fixes things.  

In usual business-speak, we provide clients with business strategy, market development and product innovation services.  

But what we really do is work with companies who are wrestling with a particular problem; an opportunity they can’t monetize, products and services that are underperforming or programs that have seemingly gone off rails.  This is where we come in.  Think of us as marketing ‘fixers’.

With our experience, creativity and connections, we will help you focus on those things that enable you to rise above competitive noise and drive sales.
  • Working with senior management to develop a compelling vision your customers and employees can embrace
  • Creating a Market Development strategy that coordinates your products, your communications and your business development activities
  • Positioning and messaging that help you stand out in a noisy marketplace and connect with customers
  • Go-To-Market planning & execution to ensure all your market touch-points and communications channels are in harmony and build upon one another into a ‘rolling thunder’ crescendo
In business since 1990. we operate on a global scale across the communications, software and enterprise markets.

Westport Group


Type: Affiliate Member

Principal Contact: James Warner

Date Joined: January 6 2006

Who to Contact: Jim Warner - Email

Telephone: +1 770 663-8803

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