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NMSWorks Software Pvt. Ltd.


NMSWorks Software Private Limited is a software product company established in 2001. NMSWorks was incubated by the renowned TeNet group of IIT Madras., India a premier technical institution in the World. NMSWorks further refined the technical know-how and developed a suite solution through the rich experience and insights gained through implementing unified network management platforms in some of world largest service provider networks. The Company's solutions are designed to enable communication service providers to transform to a service centric organization by integrating and re-modeling their disparate Network Management Systems into a unified solution with SOA standards compliant NBI (north Bound Interface) with the OSS and BSS. The solution also caters to the requirements of Enterprise network and defence network. NMSWorks products are vendor neutral, standards compliant, and unified platform for Management of Heterogeneous Networks. NMSWorks flagship product is the CygNet™Service Management Platform (SMP) which provides an Inventory driven Service Assurance and Fulfillment functions.NMSWorks has been in the fore front of developing Network Management Software (data collection and processing, fault management, performance management, configuration management, provisioning and activation) that integrates and manages Telecom, Datacom, Transport, Broadband access, Ethernet networks. NMSWorks, over a period of time has been successful in developing a suite of products in the Network resource and service Management space and in the process has accumulated significant domain expertise. CygNet™SMP , clearly distinguishes itself from its competitive products in the market. To stay competitive, CSPs worldwide are striving hard to deliver the latest converged services including IPTV, triple play and 3G/4G. Customers are opting for bundled services with one point of contact at CSP for all the service needs. To meet this revised requirements, CSPs who hitherto had network centric management systems have re-structured the business processes and supporting systems into a services centric approach comprising of planning, provisioning, fulfillment, assurance and billing functions. Each of these services has to fetch information and issue instructions separately to various network resources to carry out their intended functions. Networks have evolved over a period of time and each evolution brought in their own set of Network Management systems. Multiple sets of EMS/NMS have grown independently with no unified structure, in particular without a multivendor integrated NMS Architecture. This model served CSP well in the initial years when there were few systems and few vendors. With the convergence there was need for unifying the the silo based EMS/NMS systems with minimal disruption to ensure business sustainability. This unification was done using loose integration with lot of manual processes.Because of the loose integration, the current trend is, to have two separate business process support centres 1. For network operations and 2. For IT infrastructure and business support applications. Both these support systems need to be ‘orchestrated’ to achieve the operators drive for efficiency. This orchestration is done mostly through ‘swivel chair’ technique, meaning there will be two terminals on the administrator’s desk with no automatic linkage. Intense competition and market slowdown called for a very agile robust operations management system for customer support services to meet the SLA and QoS KPIs. The loosely integrated management system did not map well with the much more enhanced and rich set of functions that was needed to be performed at the service layer for meeting these KPIs. This is a huge gap in the operations which exists in all the major career networks. The Service Management Platform is one such powerful tool which targets at filling this major gap. Automating the manual process is not just a fancy feature but helps to mitigate certain key issues that are confronting the major operators.The source of disconnect between the services and resources layer is the non availability of a real time and unified logical and physical network inventory. Service Management platform (SMP) does a near real time discovery to provide a good foundation for the service layer. This field proven multi technology, multi vendor SMP suite, with its unique discovery, Performance Management system, RCA/SIA (Root Cause Analysis/ Service Impact Analysis), Service Activation & network re-engineering capabilities provides faster service delivery, better planning and optimized operational efficiency. SMP helps service providers to utilize the network more efficiently, get an early warning of the faults, identify the service impact and resolve them faster.The technology transformation in a carrier network has to be taken up in a very systematic manner. NMSWorks also offer professional consultancy services in the technology and process transformation of telecom service providers. The modules in the SMP can be implemented separately in a step by step manner to achieve the desired objectives of each stage of the operations up gradation. NMSWorks has undertaken certain pioneering work in integrating multi-vendor multi-technology platforms in the Optical Transmission and IP/MPLS space, which has attracted the attention of many Telecom Service Providers in India, like Tata Communications Limited, Bharti Airtel Limited, Vodafone Essar Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd. Tata Teleservices Ltd, Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd,, Aircel Ltd, BSNL, MTNL, Railtel, Power Grid Corporation and also Telcos in the near shore, Africa, Middle East and South East Asian countries.Cygnet suite adopts a modular architecture and a subset of modules can be grouped into a full featured Product/Solution that addresses end to management of certain specific technology domain or management function. “CygNet OTNMS” is one of the powerful solutions for the Management of Multi-vendor Multi-technology Optical Transmission Networks. OTNMS includes Discovery and Inventory, Fault Management System, Performance Management System, Provisioning and Activation System, Reconciliation and Syncing with 3rd party Inventory Management System (IMS). The Products/Solutions of the company are being deployed by Telecom Service Providers, in India. Service Impact Analysis (SIA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) across multi-vendor platforms have helped Service providers to provide proactive customer support. The Optimal Path Computation Algorithm developed by NMSWorks not only automates the process of Circuit Provisioning but also helps the Service Provider to exploit the full potential out of the available SDH/DWDM infrastructure. The Circuit Discovery Module in conjunction with Topology Discovery, Network Inventory Discovery and Reconciliation facilitates optimizing the CAPEX and having accurate inventory.Cygnet-NG is a full suite of cloud ready applications for managing IP networks of any size. The suite includes Discovery and Inventory, Fault Management, Performance Management and Service Fulfillment. The exhaustive discovery process includes discovery of physical devices across multi-vendors, L2 / L3 topologies, L2 / L3 Customer Services, MPLS LSP/TE, PBB with a wide range of reporting combined with a unique easy to use GUI. The discovery application also has option to reconcile and sync with third party IMS data. CygNet-NG is TMF SID 9.5 compliant and all available service/resource associations make it invaluable as an effective management solution.
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