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“A TM Forum membership is a corporate standard for telecom industry players. It is not a prestige issue, but it is the only way to offer competitive products in the telecommunications market”. 
Rerle R.D., General Director, SevenTest

SevenTest R&D Centre Co.Ltd.


SevenTest offers intelligent custom-tailored solutions for Operations and Business Support Systems ( OSS and BSS) to telecommunications service providers, allowing them to reduce operating costs, assure profitability and launch new services more rapidly. SevenTest’s products combine both modular and custom-designed approaches in order to provide customer with a unique competitive flexible and scalable solution for managing PSTN/PLMN, NGN, 3G and convergent networks.

Seventest products cover major tasks in Telecom application framework:
Service Management functions: SLA management, Service Problem Management, Service Quality Monitoring & Impact Analysis, Service Performance Management
Resource Assurance Management: SLA Metric Management, Traffic Management
Fraud Management
Revenue Assurance Management
Real-Time Billing Data Mediation

The development process in SevenTest follows the latest researches and trends in the telecommunication industry, all products are designed in accordance with appropriate standards (ITU-T, IEEE, IETF, 3GPP TS, ISO etc).
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Vladislav Kolesnik

Date Joined: August 14 2007

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Telephone: +7 812 333-36-37

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