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Computaris, an R Systems business, specializes in system integration, BSS technical consulting and software development for software vendors and communication services providers (CSP) in Europe, Middle East, Africa and SE Asia.
We offer the highest level of expertise in the area of convergent charging and billing, SDP (Service Delivery Platform), VAS (Value Added Services), messaging, provisioning, mediation, service management and data.
Under the global economy downturn, communication service providers face declining budgets and headcounts with which to serve their customer base - a customer base that continues to demand new and innovative services. Nevertheless the approach cannot be only about cost cutting - efficiency and being micro-tuned to the needs of customers is the key to constant evolution. Computaris helps communication service providers - either directly or through its partners - to control OPEX and reduce CAPEX by extending the life of their existing systems and enhancing their performances in order to bring the expected new and innovative products to the market as fast as the market demands.

Computaris Know-how is behind solutions deployed at nearly 70 telecom operators worldwide and its core assets are:
• an experienced and competent team of about 250 technology specialists
• a global perspective on the industry built in two decades of experience in real time communications
• the capacity to develop perfectly customized solutions in line with our customers' needs

Having its headquarter in UK and operating in seven technology centres in Poland, Romania, CIS, Malaysia and USA, Computaris offers a unique reach of the EMEA region.

Computaris is able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions, as:
• Telecom specialist consultancy
• BSS System integration
• Product development partnership
• Product deployment partnership
• 24/7 support and maintenance at industry level SLAs
In nearly two decades of investment in capturing new industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to add value to our customers’ operations, whether implementing our own software or that of a partner, Computaris’ references and long term partnerships state our know-how and rightness in consulting, implementing, maintaining and evolving leading solutions. Computaris delivered end-to-end congruent customized solutions in convergent billing and customer care, real time rating, charging, event based loyalty and policy for voice, messaging and next generation data services on time and within reckoned budget.
• Computaris Convergent Charging Solution allows CSPs to deliver any service to any customer in any service environment. With references such as end-to-end implementation to a Malaysian MVNO, including rating, charging, accounting, billing, invoicing, MNP, self-care services on IVR, USSD, SMS, Computaris CCS enables CSPs to manage and simplify existing complex and confusing pricing and billing structures
• Computaris Facebook Integration Platform, Avalanche - allows Operators to create a dynamic, timely and focused interaction with its customers, providing the key success elements of viral marketing
• Computaris MVNO in a White Box Solution-tailored to suit all MVNOs business exigencies, it offers sophisticated control capabilities, enabling integrated management of subscriptions, accounts and billing data, vouchers, phone numbers and SIM cards, providing all the tools needed for a customer centric approach
• Computaris Mobile Broadband Management expertise covers the following areas: spending control/bill shock management, fair usage policies, traffic optimization, flexible content charging, parental and content control, data usage augmentation through social network integration
• Computaris Value Added Services proposition comprises a suite of basic and advanced Virtual PBX functionalities and a complex Virtual Private Network suite for Enterprise customers as well as Online Charging Front-End, Location Based Services, Call Completion Services and Network Services for the consumer market
• Computaris TOP Testing Suite provides operators enhanced capabilities for End to end services testing across several telecom protocols (Diameter, Corba, CAMEL, Telnet, and a several others) from all points of view: functional, performance, load, revenue assurance, system stability, service creation and execution

Who to contact: ioana.serban@computaris.com
Telephone: 0040 728 292 880

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Principal Contact: Ioana Serban

Date Joined: August 25 2008

Who to Contact: Ioana Serban - Email

Telephone: 0040 728 292 880

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