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NTG Clarity Networks Inc.


NTG CLARITY is a leader in delivering network, telecom, IT and infrastructure solutions to network service providers and medium and large enterprises.
With offices and operations located in North America and internationally, and a professional team of more than 150 people, NTG Clarity works in partnership with clients to provide a single source of design, documentation and implementation expertise on an outsourcing or consulting basis.
Type: Affiliate Member

Principal Contact: Kristine Lewis

Date Joined: December 1 2010

Who to Contact: Kristine Lewis - Email

Telephone: 905-305-1325 x 112

Frameworx Conformant Products, Solutions or Implementations

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Staff Certification:

Career Certified Professionals (1)
Ahmed Hosny: Business Development Manager
Knowledge Certified Professionals (2)
Ahmed Hosny: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level, Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
Ahmed Khalifa: Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level

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