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Bercut LLC


Bercut is an international provider of end-to-end solutions for telecom services, suggesting a unique approach to VAS development and management in close partnership with operators and subscribers.· Over 15 years in the telecom market · Successful installations in 26 countries on 215 sites. · Bercut customers are listed among the TOP-20 World’s Largest Telecommunications Service Providers. · Bercut solutions serve a total of 300 million subscribers.Bercut solutions maximally cover the operator’s business needs throughout the entire Telco 2.0 chain and fully meet subscriber demands in VAS.Bercut creates the NEW VALUE OF THINGS for subscribers at the meeting point between telecom and Internet, technologies and marketing, in close cooperation with its partners. Thanks to the longstanding experience, Bercut supports the solutions through their entire lifecycle and offers the most suitable ways to develop them and boost efficiency. Sharing risks and revenues, Bercut helps its clients to get the best outcome from the solutions.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Ruslan Sumtsov

Date Joined: September 26 2011

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Telephone: +78123273233

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