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InfoVista is a results-oriented provider of IP and RF network planning, service assurance and network optimization software solutions and services, with a clear focus on leveraging the rich data that can be collected from networks for the purpose of managing network performance, and maximizing network efficiency and customer experience. This is achieved through our demonstrated know-how in multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-technology networks.InfoVista proudly serves more than 600 customers worldwide, including 80 percent of the world’s largest communication service providers, more than 250 mobile operators, and a roster of government organizations and global IT-intensive enterprises in many industries, including financial services, energy and utilities. Our customers are equipped with a new level of network intelligence, visibility and control — across the entire network life cycle — that empower them to deliver high-performing and differentiated services while cost-effectively planning, operating, optimizing and monetizing their networks. Using InfoVista’s award-winning solutions, they can optimize the quality of their IT services, ensure a high-quality user experience, invest appropriately and consolidate their OSS/BSS ecosystems, all while keeping total cost of ownership as low as possible.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Marc Lippe

Date Joined: March 28 2002

Who to Contact: Dina Rodrigues - Email

Telephone: +33 1 64 86 85 20

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