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Redknee Inc.


Redknee supports communications service providers (CSPs) with a complete portfolio of monetization and subscriber management solutions for mobile network operators, MVNE/Os, and service providers. From activation to provisioning, to providing a 360 degree view of customer usage and preferences, to empowering customers with self-care tools and the ability to pay for services on the go, Redknee enables CSPs to monetize and optimize the entire customer lifecycle. Redknee’s highly scalable and flexible solution enables CSPs to support third party relationships and content, support resellers and dealers and launch multi-country operations quickly and with a low total cost of ownership. Available on-premise, cloud-based and as a Software-as-a-Service offering, Redknee provides the industry’s most comprehensive real-time converged billing, charging, policy management and customer care solution to more than 200 service providers, including some of the largest Tier 1 operators in the world. For more information about Redknee and its solutions, please visit www.redknee.com.
Type: Corporate Member

Principal Contact: Michaela Radman

Date Joined: October 14 2005

Who to Contact: Ashleigh Young - Email

Telephone: +1 647 200 6736

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Rakhmat Hanief Nugroho: Business Development Manager
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Frederic Fleureau: Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level
Girish T Raju: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level
Rakhmat Hanief Nugroho: Frameworx Foundation Level , Business Process Framework (eTOM) Foundation Level, Information Framework (SID) Foundation Level
sandra costa: Frameworx Foundation Level

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