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BOC is a consulting and software company specialized on model-driven solutions and tools to support management methods for strategy, business processes, IT services and IT architectures. With the products of our Management Office ( ADOscore - ADONIS - ADOlog - ADOit ), we not only cover business process modelling and analysis, but also consider governance issues with risk management or framework compliance.

ADOscore: is an intuitive and very flexible solution to configure Balanced Scorecards, define initiatives, collect metrics, aggregate indicators and to publish dashboards through a web-based controlling cockpit. ADOscore provides features for project monitoring and enhanced performance management.

ADONIS: supports various process-based approaches such as end-to-end process management with customer-specific modelling notation or standards such as BPMN. Process models are also the best documentation for internal controlling, risk analysis or compliance topics (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO).

ADOit: includes diagrams to model and document IT services, processes, organisations and architectures. It enables a comprehensive understanding of all related items from strategy to infrastructure, with powerful impact analysis, leading to improved IT governance. ADOit is a proven solution to implement ITIL, CobiT or CMMI. It also satisfies NGOSS implementation by offering model-based management support for eTOM, SID or TNA issues.

BOC consultants are experts on enterprise modelling and build integrated management systems based on a customizable platform. They developed for example ad-hoc solutions for service providers of the Telecom industry, such as Vodafone or Telefónica.
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