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SunTec Business Solutions Pvt Ltd


Convergence is on a roll as every communications, media & entertainment (CME) player is trying to graduate to a one-stop-shop provider of all services in the realm - voice, broadband, content, wireless, and video. In order to join the league of full communications service providers, the operators need to align their infrastructure with the new technologies for enabling the roll-out of triple play and quadruple play services. Faced with intense competition in the marketplace, the operators often are forced to witness their customer base being lured away using attractive price plans, packages and loyalty schemes.SunTec's solutions are built to meet the challenges of convergence. They are made to empower operators to attract and retain customers with innovative packages, striking price plans and attractive content value-adds. The flexibility of our solutions enable faster implementation and thereby quicker response to the dynamic market. Our feature-rich solutions enable operators to truly enhance the end-customer experience and thus achieve customer loyalty. SunTec has pre-integrated solutions for Wireless, Wireline, Cable and Broadband, Content Aggregators, and IP-based providers (like TruePlay operators, ISPs, VoIP wholesale providers, e.t.c)Our solutions for the CME vertical helps operators to achieve:* IP-based pricing and billing* Revenue spillage control* Loyalty-based pricing and promotions* Prepaid/Postpaid convergent billing* Content billing and settlement* Intercarrier settlement* Triple play pricing and billing* Partner revenue share management* IPTV pricing and billing* WiMax pricing and billing
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Date Joined: June 4 2004

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