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Member Press Room Services

Need a quote?
We are happy to provide you with quotes and endorsements for your press releases and articles provided they meet certain criteria.  Please contact Elizabeth Coyne, PR Director, TM Forum, at ecoyne@tmforum.org to discuss.
Joint PR opportunities
As part of our service to our members we are always happy to look at ways of maximising more PR opportunities by working with you on joint PR initiatives. This can include press releases, articles, industry comments, interviews, etc. Please contact Elizabeth Coyne at ecoyne@tmforum.org to discuss your requirements.

Submit a Press Release
TM Forum will publish your press releases on our website in our Members Section. Please forward your release to Elizabeth Coyne at ecoyne@tmforum.org.
Request a Photo or Logo
We have a selection of photographs and approved images that can be used by our members when promoting TM Forum related business. Contact ecoyne@tmforum.org with your request.