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Management World Americas 2011

Monday November 7, 2011

Management World Americas 2011 Attendees Take Advantage of Official TM Forum Training Courses & Certification

Even before the first keynote speaker hits the stage at Management World Americas, attendees have already taken advantage of a number of all-day training courses, including Information Framework (SID) Distilled, Business Process Framework (eTOM) Distilled, a Frameworx Overview and a Customer Experience Management Workshop.

In addition to these courses that were offered on Sunday and Monday, training participants were able to take certification exams as part of TM Forum’s ever-growing Knowledge Certification program. Exams were given on Frameworx Level 2, Business Process Framework Levels 2 and 4 and Information Framework Levels 2 and 4.

There’s still much more training coming up later in the week. On Thursday, attendees can take advantage of courses on Business Process Framework Distilled, Information Framework Distilled, a Frameworx-based Procurement Request Workshop and Evolving to Frameworx.

On Friday, we’ll be offering the intermediate-level Business Process Framework Implementer’s Workshop and Information Framework Modeler’s Workshop.

To sign up for Thursday/Friday courses, please go to the main registration desk on the convention level.

If you are unable to attend these courses or would like to bring training to your office (TM Forum Members only), please contact Chuck Smith.

Also, come to the Enabling Knowledge area of Forumville to enter a drawing for your choice of 1 free Frameworx Overview Online or 30 percent off a Training Roadshow registration.

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