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Standardized Interfaces & APIs


Standardized interfaces between many vendors, technologies, and systems allow service providers to deliver new services and products faster and at lower cost.

Multi-Techonlogy Network Management (MTNM) is a CORBA-based Network Management System-to-Element Management System interface suite. Unlike Multi-Technology Operations System Interface (MTOSI), MTNM is solely at the resource level.

MTNM includes support for inventory, provisioning, fault management, and performance management. MTNM supports the management of these technologies: SONET/SDH, PDH, DWDM, Ethernet, DSL, ATM, Frame Relay, and Control Plane management.

MTNM uses a single interface infrastructure and applies the same patterns across multiple technologies. For example, the same basic termination point and connection model are applied across all connection-oriented technologies ranging from DWDM to ATM. A similar statement can be made about the MTNM connectionless model.

MTNM provides requirements, summarized in the Business Agreement for;
  • Static and Structural, such as Physical Termination Point and Connection State
  • Normal Sequences and Dynamic functions, such as Inventory Management and Provisioning
  • Connectionless Management
  • Control Plane and Control Plane Management
The business agreement also provides use cases, UML diagrams, and traceability matrices. In addition, you can download CORBA IDL specifications, release notes and other supporting documents including compliance guidelines.

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