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Standardized Interfaces & APIs


The main use for Multi-Technology Operations Systems Interface (MTOSI) is as an interface between Operations Systems. A given product will typically support either the client or server side of an MTOSI interface.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce the OSS “integration tax”, i.e., the cost of integrating and maintaining systems
  • Enable service providers (via the production of open management interfaces) to mix and match OSSs from various suppliers based on factors such as price, quality, and functionality
  • Increase interoperability by increasing the supply of interchangeable components and applications
  • Speed time to market for new services and for supplier products


Business Scenarios Supported

Resource Management & Operations, including;
  • Resource Trouble Management: Resource fault management, protection management, and maintenance and diagnostic, allowing communication of alarms between OSs
  • Managed Resource Inventory, allowing communication of inventory information between OSs such as Inventory and Discovery OSs
  • Resource Provisioning, allows for creating, modifying, and deleting network resources between systems such as Resource Provisioning and Network Management
  • Resource Performance Management, covering resource performance monitoring and control, such as threshold crossing alerts from a Resource Performance Management OS to a Service Quality Management OS
Service Management & Operations, including;
  • Service Configuration & Activation, including interfaces for Service Activation between a CRM OS and a Service Configuration & Activation OS and between two Service Configuration & Activation OSs
  • Manage Service Inventory, supporting bulk inventory retrieval (with filters) between, for example, a Service Activation OS request service inventory from a Service Inventory OS



Multi-Technology Operations Systems Interface (MTOSI) is an XML-based Operations System (OS)-to-OS interface suite. The Network Management System-to-Element Management System communications is a special case and is defined by the Multi-Technology Network Management (MTNM) standards.

MTOSI uses a single interface infrastructure and applies the same patterns across multiple technologies. For example, the same basic termination point and connection models are applied across all connection-oriented technologies ranging from DWDM to ATM. A similar statement can be made about the MTOSI connectionless model.

MTOSI supports the management of these technologies: SONET/SDH, PDH, DWDM, Ethernet, DSL, ATM, and Frame Relay. Support is planned for MPLS-TP, GPON, and Control Plane management.

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