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New Services & Business Models Summit

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Diversifying your Revenue Portfolio
November 9-11, 2010

With revenues from traditional services under fire, communications service providers are turning to an extended value-chain of partners and innovative business models to drive future growth.

This three-day conference summit will explore these new challenges and opportunities through a series of expert-led case study presentations, panel discussions and new intensive roundtable debates. If you’re responsible for delivering profitable new services, exploring partnerships for growth or managing the impact of these new services on the business, this summit is not to be missed!

Hot topics covered in this summit include:
  • Transformation of the communications market and new innovations being unleashed.
  • Cost effective management of new technologies such as 4G/LTE and data smart devices.
  • Using dynamic policy controls to reduce capital expense, offer differentiated services and accelerate concept-to-cash cycles.
Agenda Key
Cable SessionsCable SessionsDefense SessionsDefense Sessions
Revenue Management SessionsRevenue Management SessionsAnalyticsAnalytics
Revenue Growth & ManagementTuesday November 9, 2010 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Chair: Alice Bartram, Associate Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Comverse
Revenue Management SessionsSummit Keynote: The Evolving Payments Landscape
Change is afoot across the payments landscape. As volumes of card payments and internet shopping increase so do the number of cases of identity fraud: in fact one in six people in the US have now fallen victim to such an attack according to USA Today. As such customers’ relations with banks are also changing and the balance of power is beginning to shift. Increasingly aware of the value of their card and payment details, security is one key area where customers are no longer willing to compromise. With this in mind, biometric technology is one of the most advanced methods of identity verification and is something that many are turning towards in a bid to fight fraudsters. Voice Commerce Group is at the forefront of all these activities. They are the only company in the UK offering payment security through voice biometrics and as such can provide unique insight into the development of the voice biometric market. Also, having made the most of the regulatory landscape in the UK, Voice Commerce is not only a fully regulated business under the UK FSA, they are one of the first Payment Institutions to be able to offer card services to customers and are looking to expand business into Europe and America.
Nick Ogden, CEO and Founder, CashFlows, Voice Commerce
Revenue Management SessionsDynamic Tariff Solution Reaches the Maximized Balance
Dynamic tariff is a means to achieve network quality and balance network equipment investment. The core concept of dynamic tariffs is using tariff means to influence customer calling behavior, and then achieve the balanced effect. The solution helps operator to make revenue by encouraging more calls at off-peak time, relief network congestion, improve network quality and enhance customer experience and loyalty, reduce requirement of network capacity expansion investment and increase ROI.
Bing Xiao, Director of Product Planning & Product Management, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Revenue Management SessionsNovel Services from Open APIs
Telcos are facing falling revenues in traditional markets. They can exploit existing assets and strengths by moving to 2-sided business models, thereby tapping into new revenue streams from novel services. Technologically, this involves exposing telco capabilities via open web-based APIs in an ‘open services ecosystem.’ We discuss the SOA4All project, which aims to make it easier for non-experts to access, combine and use open services. This presentation will show a set of tools to lower the barrier to the creation of novel services from exposed telco capabilities and how to tap into new revenue streams from existing telco strengths and assets. Live demonstrations of novel applications thus built will be shown.
John Davies, Chief Researcher, Future Business Applications, BT Group plc
Alistair Duke, Principal Researcher, BT Group plc

Upstream Market Applications, and Industry VerticalsTuesday November 9, 2010 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Chair: Ganesh Sureshkumar, Executive-Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
Product Information Management - QWEST Success Case StudyIn Feb 2010, QWEST embarked on a project to reduce time to market by implementing Product Information Management (PIM) across their Enterprise Products and the underlying PLM process. This project rapidly delivered the first phase into production in mid 2010 and has successfully reduced the cycle time for new products by over 45%. This Case Study will review the approach to the program, success measures and importantly, the lessons learned in the program.
Donald Toland, Chief Business Architect Product Operations, CenturyLink
Catherine Michel, Chief Technical Officer & Founder, Tribold
Digital Service Monetization Powered by SAP: Enabling New Business Models at MicrosoftThe evolution towards cloud computing and SaaS offers a wide range of new opportunities to engage with both customers and partners. With the emergence of a product centric world towards a service centric world, Microsoft has ambitious transformation plans particularly concerning how to interact with partners and partner ecosystems. Microsoft’s key challenge is to seize these opportunities to redefine their relationship with their OEM channel partners (PC, laptops and device manufacturers). Learn from SAP and Microsoft how to create a connected and vibrant ecosystem and innovate and align with key partners. How to establish foundational capabilities to support new business models with partners, secure new business, land new services and ultimately increase partner satisfaction and loyalty
Stephan Gatien, Global Vice-President, Telecom Industry Business Unit, SAP AG
Todd Nicholson, Director Solution Management SMSG Solution Delivery - OEM, Microsoft Corporation
TM Frameworx the Catalyst for Smart Society - Opportunities for the Telecom and OSS/BSS Industry in Smart Society RevolutionNational Broadband investments are fuelling Smart Society initiatives that incorporate Smart: Energy, Water, Transport, Education, Health Services. As a guide 50% of Smart Grid investment ($45 Trillion over 40 years) is expected to be ICT. The automation of these systems, and empowerment of the end user with this smart infrastructure, echoes the Telecom experience over the past 20 years. This presentation will cover global case studies and the opportunities this presents our Industry . • Leverage the smart Telco pipe, it analyses a new market for Telecom and OSS/BSS vendors • Map cross industry operational management system requirements to TM Frameworx • Explore Industry Evolution and new ways to monetize our industry investments to date
Tony Kalcina, Founder & TM Forum Ambassador, Clarity

4G Wireless/Wireline ManagementWednesday November 10, 2010 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Chair: Seth Nesbitt, Vice President, Service Provider Marketing, Parallels
Phones are Getting Smarter - Are Networks?Network congestion and service differentiation challenges will not cease with the advent of next-generation broadband technologies. Even with higher access speeds, the explosion of broadband devices like tablets and smart phones will fuel an increase in consumption and present operators with more quality of experience problems. Policy control technologies will become an increasingly critical component of service providers’ infrastructures if they are to manage the surge in broadband consumption, open new revenue streams and remain competitive. Attendees will learn: • how alternative network technology providers can use dynamic policy control technologies to reduce CAPEX, offer differentiated services to resellers and accelerate service creation and deployment. • How to examine policy’s role in ensuring QoS on next-generation wholesale networks for both government and commercial sectors • Implement congestion-aware, time-based, consumption-sensitive SaaS model policy systems at a wholesale network level
John Aalbers, CEO, Volubill
Cable SessionsMobile Data Explosion: Proactively Managing SLAs with Quality
Opportunities to serve wholesale, carrier, mobile and enterprise customers with advanced backhaul services is driving investment in network infrastructure, but these revenues require that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) define, offer, monitor and perform against SLAs with potential penalties. Cable CSP must meet SLA obligations and avoid penalties in providing wireless backhaul services as a wholesaler to wireless CSPs, using metro Ethernet technology. This presentation provides a CSP acting as wholesaler for wireless backhaul perspective on vendor and tool selection for Service Management. Holistic service management solution employing insightful service models that combines KPIs from probes, network elements, fault, performance, trouble tickets to monitor / predict SLA performance will also be discussed.
Ziaur Rahman, Chief Program Architect for CBH/Metro Ethernet Services, Comcast Cable
Matt Herdlein, Executive Director, Ericsson Inc.
Sink or Swim: New Policy Management for the Coming LTE RevolutionWith mobile traffic exploding, service providers are looking toward 4G/LTE deployments to usher in a new area of dynamic mobile content and customer satisfaction. Yet as operators adopt 4G/LTE, the number of billable events is due to drastically increase, necessitating real, evolutionary changes to back-office billing systems. Openet and France Telecom will discuss the implications of operators’ policy and charging platforms on new 4G/LTE deployments and how operators can ensure profitability and achieve high levels of network performance.
Frederic Marx, Head of Strategy, Orange
Marc Price, Vice President, Technology and CTO, The Americas, Openet

Service Delivery- New Product EnablingWednesday November 10, 2010 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Chair: Aileen Hurley Smith, SVP, Transformation, TM Forum
IT Challenges and Strategies in Support Operation DynamicsIT faces time-to-market and organization dynamics all the time. New LTE brings additional challenges to mobility operator IT organizations. The question of the days is “Can we be proactive or be better positioned to react?”. Time-To-Market, organization dynamics, and network evolution are common challenges to all operators. The presentation promotes strategies and experiences to share and initiate future collaboration on the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Application Framework (TAM), and other IT solutions. AT&T carries out several IT strategies to address those challenges from perspective of process, people, architecture, knowledge, and R&D.
Fang Wu, Director, IT, AT&T Inc.
AnalyticsRevenue Management SessionsThe Impact of New Products and Business Models on Revenue Operations
Analytics plays a key role in revenue operations – from basic functions such as tracking cost, revenue and margin to advanced functions such as prediction and propensity modeling. As service providers offer an increasing variety and complexity of products including Apps, content and alternatives to traditional services (such as VoIP), so the number of moving parts in their business models increases. The provider must demonstrate agility in response to changes in environment & competitive landscape – key among these are quicker reaction time and reduced cost of introducing and changing products. This in turn leads to an ever increasing role for data analytics in the day to day operations of the provider. This session focuses on practical approaches to using analytics in real-world situations. We will explore how data analytics – both basic and advanced, is used to provide in-depth insight into, and then operational control over the provider’s business processes.
Kathy Romano, Executive Director, Verizon Communications
Ian Emsley, Chief Architect, Subex
Revenue Management SessionsThe Emergence of New Wireless Data Devices in AT&T and Their Impact on the Revenue Assurance Systems and Processes
The emergence of new wireless data devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, coming with a variety of new price-plans, has a tremendous impact on the revenue management and revenue assurance systems. Many communication service providers and their revenue assurance managers are dealing with the challenges of emerging new data devices, and they are looking for practical advice and best practices on how market leaders are handling that. This presentation will deliver practical experience on how AT&T is aligning their people, processes, and the revenue assurance systems to best support the new devices and helping to ensure their profitability.
Jeff Klosterman, Director Strategic Billing & Revenue Controls at AT&T Consumer and Mobility, AT&T Inc.
Amir Gefen, Director of Industry Relations, CTO Office, cVidya Networks Ltd.

Successful Business Models for Service ProvidersWednesday November 10, 2010 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Chair: Brett Brock, Solutions Architect IV, Cox Communications
Summit Keynote: TM Forum Service Provider Leadership Council (SPLC) Services - An Overview of the latest Initiatives of the SPLCThe TM Forum Services Providers Leadership Council (SPLC) will present an update on the latest initiatives of the SPLC workgroups around the following domains, such as for the End to End Management of Information and Services Providers interactive engagement (ever expanding new services; new infrastructure technologies; new devices; cloud sourcing; application environment).
Jenny Huang, Standards and Industry Alliances, AT&T Inc.
Fabrice Cornet-Libon, Senior OSS Strategy Architect, Ericsson Inc.
Valuing your Network’s Capabilities – Justifying the Business Case for Third party Collaboration With competition between device, OS, and service provider app stores heating up, the number 1 concern of service providers when working with application developers and content providers is justifying the business case. Is collaborating with developers and content providers being side-stepped? Knowing willingness to pay for API exposed network capabilities, revenue and cost drivers, and risk mitigation strategies is vital for avoiding disintermediation. It’s not enough to simply ‘build it and they will come', service providers need to understand which model(s) work for their individual network. Service providers will find the answer to their most pressing question, justifying the business case for working with application developers and content vendors. In truth, the answer will vary by provider, but every provider should come away understanding: • Research on what developers value from the network provider • Potential business models network providers are/can pursue when working with third parties to deliver new applications and services • Clearly defined risks of different models
Chris Kapuscinski, Program Lead - New Business Models, Alcatel-Lucent
The Economics of New Business Models Explained through Examples from Mobile Operators Which tactics better prepare the transition from data services as VAS to data services as main source of revenue? Which business models are adopted to be significant player in the value chain when the value perceived by end-users drifts into other domains: social interaction, gaming, shared content, global applications? This panel discusses the new business models and their expected outcomes, as well as the level of support in TM Forum’s Frameworx, with examples from mobile operators.
Jean-Luc Bouthemy, Principal Engineer, Enterprise Architecture & Technology Strategy, T-Mobile USA
Marc Lirette, Senior Engineer, TELUS
Alain Bequer, Voice, Roaming and Device Service Development Subdirector, Telefonica Mexico
Lucia Gradinariu, Chief Market Strategist, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Intensive 1: Digital Service Innovation Thursday November 11, 2010 9:00 am - 10:15 am
The New Era of Service Provider InnovationWe‘re used to seeing digital services innovation from the likes of Apple but should (and could) service providers play a part too? This interactive Intensive session will discuss practical approaches and real-life examples (both successful and otherwise) enabling service providers to capture a role in this rapidly-emerging domain. Attendees will be encouraged to debate what we can learn from these moving forward, and work together to come up with new ideas and solutions.
Tal Givoly, Chief Scientist, Amdocs Management Limited

Intensive 2: Mobile AdvertisingThursday November 11, 2010 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Mobile Advertising: What Will Drive its Success The first wave of mobile advertising generated much hype around its success – but let’s face it, nothing lives up to hype. This guided group discussion will debate some of the key success factors that were not addressed in the first wave of mobile advertising and will explore the opportunities that are present in today’s mobile advertising ecosystem. The discussion will look at: How to encourage subscribers to opt in and create a virtuous cycle? What is the role of interactivity? What is the interaction between billing plans and advertising? What is the role of real-time context in creating effective ads? What is the current ecosystem and how must the telcos, brands and agencies collaborate in the future? And finally we’ll address other topics raised by the peer group.
Grant Lenahan, Principal Analyst, Ericsson Inc.
TM Forum reserves the right to make changes to the conference agenda without prior notification.
Please refer to the web site for the most up to date information.