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Team Action Week Baltimore 2011

Newcomer's Orientation

Twice a year, TM Forum members are invited to come together, collaborate face-to-face and have an opportunity to contribute to the industry while learning about the latest strategies and technologies.

If you are new to Team Action Week, the best place to start is with the Newcomer’s Orientation, where you will get an overview of the TM Forum, meet all Team Leaders and gather useful information for the week. Learn how Team Action Week participants will shape the industry and walk away with new ideas, new relationships, and greater thought leadership!

Newcomer Orientation
Tuesday, July 19th
7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
Location: Harborview II

Frequently Asked Questions About Team Action Week

What is Team Action Week?
Team Action Week is the industry’s premier “working event” that happens twice a year. Through face-to-face meetings, networking, conference sessions, and discussions, participants shape the
industry as well as cultivate and improve standards, best practices and guidelines.

How do I get involved with a Team?
Joining a TM Forum project team is very simple; just determine your area and level of interest, and then visit the team’s page and sign up for their online Community. For more information, click here or contact Ken Lipnickey, klipnickey@tmforum.org, with any questions you have.

What is the Collaboration Program?
The TM Forum’s Collaboration Program is a “Virtual Research and Development Consortium” made
up of TM Forum members for a growing array of industries, including communications – telco,
wireless, cable and Internet; cloud; defense; content; and information services. Click here to learn about the program.

What can I participate in?
To learn more about all of our projects visit our projects list.

Which Collaboration Teams are represented? 
Click here to see all Team represented and agendas.

Attendee Testimonials
Great opportunity to really contribute to the TM Forum initiatives and great networking.”
Barbara Lancaster, President & CEO, LTC International

Opportunity to get good understanding of specific working items in TM Forum.”
Veli Kokkonen, Development Manager, TeliaSonera

Benefits of Attending Team Action Week
Some of the benefits of attending are:
  • Influence the communications industry by setting direction
  • Gain first hand, in depth knowledge of TM Forum standards 
  • Learn from top experts in the industry 
  • Network with customers and partners 
  • Enhance your company’s ability to respond to market needs 
  • Business Development – Meet Service Providers