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News Round Up

Vincent Perrot Receives Outstanding Contributor Award at Team Action Week

TM Forum President Martin Creaner presents the TM Forum Outstanding Contributor Award to Sun Microsystems’ Vincent Perrot for his work on the OSS/J Program.
Sun Microsystems’ Vincent Perrot received the TM Forum Outstanding Contributor Award during Team Action Week in Lisbon. TM Forum President Martin Creaner presented the award to Vincent for his contribution to the OSS/J Program.

Vincent has been actively working on OSS/J for over 6 years by providing critical contributions to the general technical architecture and foundation of the program and its alignment with other TM Forum projects. He has been always very active in communicating and explaining OSS/J to experts and newcomers, showing a high level of knowledge and a lot of patience.

In addition, Vincent is a recognized JCP Star Spec Lead, having repeatedly proven his merit by producing high-quality specifications, establishing best practices and mentoring others.

He has recently become a certified instructor for the NGOSS Interfaces and SID Distilled workshops. He has been critical in the success of the harmonization work of the mTOSSJ team, and he is actively contributing to the definition of the new TM Forum Interface Program.

Congratulations from everyone at TM Forum!